Weekly Newsletter Team 6

September 16-20


Team 6 will be limiting hallway access for students. Students will have 10 hallway passes to use for the remainder of the nine week grading period. The purpose of this procedure is to promote success in the classroom for students. If students end the 9 weeks with 5 or more passes remaining, they can turn them in to a core class teacher for extra credit points.

Major Saver Fundraiser kicks off Monday, September 16th and ends on Monday, September 23rd.

There will be a quiz in Ms. Hoyle's science class on Monday, September 16th.

There will be a math quiz in Mrs. Bange's class on Wednesday, September 18th.

October 4th is Retake Picture Day.

The end of the quarter is Friday, October 11th.

World Geography with Mr. Akagi

Next week in World Geography, we will be learning about how humans interact with the environment, celebrate Constitution Day by learning about America’s Constitution. We will also study examples push and pull factors, our continents and an overview of the structure of countries, and begin to wrap up our first unit.

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