How I Met Lady Diana

I have never followed the life of Diana and the conspiracies associated with her life. In the year 2006 I had a vivid dream of Lady Di. I was sitting in a restaurant and I had a sandwich on a plate in front of me. Lady Di came and sat in front of me. I asked her if she was hungry and offered her my sandwich. She looked at me and said, "you feed my soul".

After this dream, I researched her life, her death and many other events surrounding her life. I felt this woman was incredibly remarkable. I decided to create a piece of art in her memory.

I went to many stores trying to find the perfect frame for Lady Di. After many weeks, I finally found a wooden frame with shutters. There are wine goblets carved in the wood and shutters. I just felt this was the piece I'd been looking for.

The piece to the right is the finished product.

Look closely at the symbols, feelings, faces that surround Lady Di



The center symbol, person or animal is the subject of communication. This is Lady Di as she is the center of this piece and the largest subject manner. Her bark serves as the human physical body and under the bark is the soul or opening the body to "reveal" something. It also reflects that she has shed the physical body. There is a large hole in her heart. The hole symbolizes that she is revealing and opening her heart to the world. The darkness in her heart reveals a little child that reflects someone who is close to her heart. The beings to the left (left is standing behind the art-not in front) serve as either a mild or major negative force both in this life and in the spirit. The children behind the "Prince" are on the negative side because of the negative impact and their allegiance to the prince. The hole in her head has many different meanings but may reveal that she beckons those who see her to open the mind to what she has to say or that her mind has been opened to what has happened to her. The symbols, animals and faces to the right are her friends, family and those who loved and supported her; her flock.

Lady Di's interpretation goes much further and deeper as each symbol affects her story. Lady Di's tragic ending does not end in the spirit world. Lady Di has a story to tell, not only a story about her physical life, but the importance of preparing for the spirit world.

Mary Moses art-"PEACE"