Time Travel

Is it possible?

Synopsis of Time Travel

Time travel has always been a dream of the public. With recent research, it is not as much of dream as we once thought. Though we cannot travel back in time, we can travel forwards.

Wormholes Are All Around You

We think of wormholes similar to the way we do of blackholes, a large portal somewhere, way out there in space. But this is simply not true. Wormholes are all around you. They exist inside atoms. They can move you through time. Despite their extremely small size, there is another catch. You can only travel forwards in time. There is no way for you to travel back. This would create a paradox.

But Why Not Backwards?

Time travel comes up in everyday conversation. A commonplace example being, "Man, if only I could travel back in time I wouldn't have done it." You know you've heard that one before. What if I told you that wasn't possible? Traveling backwards would inevitably create a paradox. If you went back in time and shot your mother, how would you be alive for it to happen? There is no possible way for this to happen. Some claim that it is possible when parallel universes are brought into the debate. But when you bring them in, what you went back into time to do would not happen because you do not live in that universe. Imagine it like feedback from a speaker. It goes in a loop until it is going so fast that it's extremely loud and it can even break the speaker. It's the same with time travel.


When time traveling, there are many risks. One in particular is radiation. Like the aforementioned feedback loop example, it's how radiation is too. If we begin to get too much radiation created by these wormholes, we may destroy the universe we call home. Something to consider is, is time travel truly worth destruction of our universe?

Created and written by Sam Vousden