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By: Shashank Pasya

At Cruel Academy the teachers __________________ any wrongdoings with a whip.

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v. To seek to improve through punishment; to discipline

ROOTS: CASTUS <L. "pure," "spotless"

CASTIGO, CASTIGARE, CASTIGAVI, CASTIGATUM <L. "to punish," "to correct," "to restrain"

Alternate Forms: chastened, adj.; chastener, n.

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Antonyms and Synonyms

Antonyms: praise, commend, and laud

Synonyms: chide, scold, and discipline

Choose the sentence which uses the bold word incorrectly

a) When Tommy pees on the couch, his owner chastens him by locking him up in the doghouse.

b) Mr. Williams is known as the chastener because of his harsh punishments for not doing the homework.

c) John has to chasten the children for lying to him about going to the library when in actuality they went to go see Catching Fire.

d) Ruby is a very good chastener and listens to her students' concerns all the time.