Friday Focus

"Building Tomorrow's Future Today!"

October 9, 2015

Volume 2 Issue #7

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This Week...

Monday- 10/12

Columbus Day

PTA mtg, @ 6:30pm

Tuesday- 10/13

Jenkins to admin @ 9 for principal's meeting

T-Shirt Tuesday

Wednesday- 10/14

Craft to Region 5 for BIP training

Jenkins to TEPSA mtg. @ 11:30

Breast Cancer Awareness Duct Tape Pledges begin

Thursday- 10/15

Friday- 10/16

End of 2nd 3 weeks

HF vs. HJ (a)

PTA Thanksgiving Color Contest begins

Upcoming Events...

Fire Drill Week

Monday- 10/19

Tuesday- 10/20

T-Shirt Tuesday

Wednesday- 10/21

Progress Reports go Home

Vision & Hearing Screening

Thursday- 10/22

1st Graders to MS Pep Rally @ 2:50 - Wear Pink

Vision & Hearing Screening

Friday- 10/23

HF vs. WOS (H) Pink Out Games, volleyball and football, and Essay Contest Winners Recognized

Aloha Summer Fun & Field Day Committee

Please click here if you would like to be on the Aloha Summer Fun & Field Day Committee.

Important Information

  • Congratulations to the following students on being a finalist in the TRF poster contest:


Jace Bennett

Skeet Blanchard

Lachlan Bronson

​- Received 2nd place at the TRF contest​

1st Grade-

Braden Martinez

Graham Jenkins

Allyson Alvarez

2nd Grade-

Travoris Zeno

Keira Vargas

Marilyn Ingram

​ - Received 1st place at the TRF contest​

3rd Grade-

Kaden Williams

Rocio Bahena

Alleigh Rios

​- Received 1st place at the TRF contest​

  • Information about the HFE Party Guidelines will be sent home with students this afternoon. These guidelines were developed to help reduce the amount of wasted food, create a universal theme for student parties and provide similar opportunities for all students. Parties will need to follow the theme that has been chosen and include a snack, a sweet treat, a drink and a treat bag, Student treat bags can be made in any container that the HR parent chooses and can be any size. Homeroom parents will still be responsible for organizing the party details and we encourage you to contact your homeroom parent to discuss the guidelines. They can then let other classroom parent know what is needed and move forward from there. Please note, if a parent shows up with something extra at the party outside of the guidelines, we do not expect you to tell them that they can not give it to the students. It is our hope that the homeroom parent will communicate what is needed for the party with the other classroom parents and create a fun and memorable experience for the students! If you have any questions about these guidelines, please feel free to stop by, we'd be glad to chat.

  • We are currently in the process of reviewing applications and setting up interviews for an additional paraprofessional, who will be assigned to Ms. Cormier's room to assist with the PPCD students. We look to have a new HFE Master Builder sometime next week. We will update everyone once a decision has been made.

  • The pumpkins for our pumpkin patch have arrived. A parent letter will go home this afternoon, requesting that students bring $1 to cover the cost of their pumpkin. If you know of any student that can not afford this, please let Mrs. Jenkins know, so that arrangements can be made to cover them. Please be on the look out for additional information about the HFE Pumpkin Patch from Mrs. Gentry in the coming weeks. We are very excited about this event and can't wait to see the awesome cross-curricular activities that we know are being planned for our students.

Just for Laughs

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H-F Middle School UIL Volunteer Sign-Up

Please click here to sign up for your UIL volunteer assignment.

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Ms. Cormier and Mrs. Ashley- Thank you for exhibiting amazing patience and strength every day! For we all know just how difficult 3 and 4 year olds can sometimes be, but you two make it look so easy! We appreciate all that you do and hope you know how much you are appreciated.

Mrs. Scogin and Mrs. Sutton-- Thanks so much for your flexibility and enriching out students' lives daily!

Mrs. Martinson, Mrs. Bell, and Mrs, Guidry-- Thank you for organizing our breast cancer awareness t-shirt sales and orders! Y'all did a great job! According to legend, what is the significance of seeing a spider on Halloween?