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Official Newsletter of Houston Elementary April 2021

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Parenting Life

Spring is not only the perfect time to clear away the dust and dirt in your home, but as a parent it’s also a great time to clean up your overall attitude and stagnant outlooks about raising your children.

Tip #1: Take Self-Inventory

Taking self-inventory is the process of asking yourself certain questions that will reveal how you feel about who you are. This is so important because sometimes we can get into negative thinking and we don’t even realize we’re doing it! Here are some questions you can ask yourself about how you perceive yourself as a parent:

  • What makes me unique and wonderful as a parent?

  • What can I do today that will make a difference in my child’s life?

  • What is my favorite part of being a parent?

  • What qualities do I love about myself that I would like to pass along to my child?

If you haven’t taken the time to go over all of your best qualities in a while, spring is the time to do it! Start by focusing on what makes you shine as a person and let that be the foundation for polishing up what you’d like to improve in weeks to come.

Tip #2: Bathroom Mirror List

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s working on being the most loving parent of all? Ok, so you don’t have to actually talk to yourself in the mirror every morning, but it is a wonderful location to post a little reminder about some key things you’d like to remember every day.

Tip #3: Let Your Curiosity Bloom

Kids see life with awe and wonder. Adults tend to see life through their to-do lists, with never-ending bills and non-stop schedules that keep them hopping from morning until bed time. Wash away your practical side for a change and start exploring new possibilities with your kids.

Tip #4: Clean Out Your Parenting Attic

Forget the attic in your house, it’s time to dust off your own attic—your mind! Find 5 - 10 peaceful moments every day to spend alone with your thoughts. Stop analyzing your past parenting mistakes. Let go of things you cannot change in your current family situation. Even mommies need to take a break and regroup.

Tip #5: De-clutter Your Calendar

No matter how many wonderful gadgets and material items your kids may have, what they all really long for is something money can’t buy—time with their parents! And not just a few scattered moments when you’re completing your expense report while counseling your friend’s relationship crisis via instant messenger, all while your son desperately tries to show you the science fair project that won him first place. Once time is gone, you can’t get it back, so clean up some free time on your calendar by eliminating obligations that you don’t need to keep and use it instead to give your uninterrupted, undivided attention to your kids and family.

Tip #6: Tune Up What’s Not Working Well

You schedule tune ups on your car when things are riding a bit rough, so why not do an annual tune up on your family life to fix any areas that need to function a bit better? These areas could include your kids’ homework routines, spending less time on the internet, establishing a chore schedule, curfew adjustments for your tweens and teens, or finding ways to get your kids more active. Spiff up some of these areas now so that come summer, your family will be happier, healthier, and completely refreshed.

April 2nd- All district and campus offices will be closed. No school.

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HES STAAR Testing- April 6

Our 4th grade students will be taking the STAAR writing test on April 6, 2021. The test will be administered on campus for both face-to-face and virtual students. Please know that safety procedures will continue to be enforced on campus on test day. Students will test in a large area so that they can spread out. Masks and shields will be required during testing. Your child's data will be critical as we plan for next year. Please click on the link below (All 3rd-5th grade parents) to reserve your child's seat for testing.

Parents and Students Enjoyed 4th Grade Parent Night

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Students and Staff had a great time celebrating the 100th Day of School on March 5th.

In case you missed it, check out our 100th Day Celebration Video.

HES Students and Staff Celebrated Dr. Seuss

Help us celebrate Asst. Principal Nealey for AP Week on April 5-9.

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Wednesdays ONLY 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

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Congratulations to our District Oratorical & Art Contest Winners

In case you missed it, Click below to watch the LISD Oratorical and Art Contest.

Lancaster ISD Black History Art and Oratorical Competition
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Poem in my Pocket Day April 29

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Do you have a poem in your pocket?

Let's celebrate Poem in my Pocket Day together on April 29 by sharing the poems in our pockets with others.
A Poem In Your Pocket by Margaret McNamara

Reading Poetry

All the way through high school, children love to be read to and new studies show that listening to books can be just as effective at building literacy skills as reading them. So, if your child is a struggling or reluctant reader, try listening together or reading aloud.

Poetry is particularly fun to read to children. The whimsical use of language fires up kids' imaginations. Also, if you're tired, it can be a little easier to read three poems than three chapters of a book :)

Here are some links to child-friendly poetry to read aloud at home:

Spring Tales

Spring Stinks
El Gran Deseo del Conejito Pequeñito por Margarita Engle - HMH

Every Wednesday is College Shirt Day. All F2F students can wear college shirts on Wednesdays.

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Luck of the Irish

Show your Tiger pride! Students may wear Spirit Shirts on Fridays.

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Congratulations to our 2021 NEHS Inductees

4th grade Inductees

Juan Alba

Demii Bateman

Devon Bateman

Akilah Broadus

Sydney Curlee

Jose Hernandez-Suarez II

Jade Nappers

Yaxiry Rodriguez

Trovontae Steger

Madyson Stroops

Jaylah Traylor

Jayden Wadlington

Alanah Weeams

DeMauri Wilson

5th grade Inductees

Elijah Antoine

Juliet Eugenio

Brandon Gomez

Samia Linnear

Draylon Tucker

Zuri Vaughn

In case you missed it, click here to view the NEHS Induction Ceremony.

Progress Reports for the 5th Six Weeks will be emailed April 15.

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In case you missed it, click here to view the 2021 Black History Program.

Black History Matters Houston Elementary

Report Cards for the 5th Six Weeks will be emailed April 29.

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Student Retention


Teachers and staff will be evaluating student performance to determine if students are eligible to move on to the next grade level. Students who have low academic performance due to missing assignments and poor attendance are in danger of being retained. Teachers will be contacting parents this month to set up parent conferences regarding retention. If you have questions, please, contact the front office at 972-218-1512.

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HES Staff Birthdays- April

Mrs. Reed- April 28