Getting Your Dreams

Sara Budhwani

Rudy Ruettiger

Rudy was a kid who had a dream of playing for the Notre Dame foot ball team in collage. His parents never believed in him alwas made fun to his dream, but he never gave up. When he grew up he was on the high school football team, the only person who believed in him then was his friend. His friend was the only one who would believe in him because he didn't have a good enough grades for the support from his teachers. One day his friend died from a fire in a construction site. Then he decided to persevere like his friend wanted him to do. So he ventured to the Notre Dame's priest and asked him how to get in the school. The priest sent him to the school called the Holly Cross he worked hard to get good grades and one day it played of he got in the college of Notre dame. They never let him play in the team everyone on the team rooted for him to pay and at the last game of the season the got to play at the last 7seconds of the game and his team won. He inspired his parents that dreams come to reality when you work hard.

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The Sweet Smell of Success

A guy named Jhon was a billionaire. He has a wife and a kid, but there was a problem. His wife was thinking of a divorce. His wife thought his job was the only priority in his life never his family. This was right he always came home late and always loved his money not his family. Once Jhon realized this he decided to give up all his money, job, and home so he can tell people that there is more than his life than money. People thought he was crazy. Yet his family supported him and inspired him and his wife liked that he was spending more time on his family. Jhon struggled very hard to find a job but no one took him. Jhon was always intrigued by the nut carts on the streak. So on day he resolved his work problem and decided to get a nut cart and sell at the busiest place in Florida. He was to late all the good spots were taken over already by Ice cream carts and Hotdog stands. So he decides that he needs to get his cart in the most busiest place in Florida Orlando Studios. The owner of Orlando Studios let him down so many he wanted to give up but he didn't. So one day he landed and interview and brought his tasty nut cart with him. Sadly they said no to the offer. Jhon was so mad that he said to adhere in the office till they gave him a try. He would work for minimum pay and work all by himself. They finaly accepted him. His cart was a big hit in Orlando Studios in Florida and now there are many stores around the area out of Orlando Studios.

Inside Every Dreams was a Hollywood Script

Stephen J. Cannel was a very special person. He was held back from school when he was in first and second grade the school asked him to leave. When he moved to another school he also flunked the 10th grade and once again asked to leave school. Soon he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. People would petty him and thought that he wouldn't get a good job or life because of his disorder, all he could do was write stories. People called him "slow and stupid" in school. Through out the years he had no self-esteem and even less ambition. When he was done with his education he decided to work in his family business of interior designing, but he had no interest in that job, but he never yielded from his dream of writing scripts. His script writing finally began on 1966 when he sold his script for a television series called " Adam 12". Since then he created scripts fro the shows like The Rockford Files, Baretta, The A-Team, Hunter, Riptide, Wiseguy, and The Commish. He had eventualy had many Emmy Awards. Stephen J. Cannel once had the adversity of Dyslexia but it didn't effect his dream of making scripts and movies.
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Prepairing to Win

A person named Maury Wills had an ambition of being on a major league baseball team. He wanted to be just like Jacky Robinson, the worlds first African American baseball player on an all American team. He managed to make it on a minor league but that wasn't enough for him he wanted to venture to be the best of the best and be exactly like his idol Jacky Robinson but he had faced a lot of adversity. People said he was very weak when it comes to batting and that lowered his self esteem but he didn't give up. Many teams rejected him but he didn't quit and one day he got his dream come true so his massage was to never give up and always try hard.
The True Rudy Story ( Part 1 )