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May 2016

April Showers Bring May Flowers?

I really hope that that May brings joyful times to my family and those I love. In April, I lost my Aunt Judy Simpson. She had been battling cancer for a long time and all though things were not looking positive I really did think she had longer and I still had hope she would be cured on this earth. At 42 years old I have lost all my grandparents an aunt and and several uncles. This loss was somehow different. My Aunt was only 58 years old. She had been staying at my house regularly while on a trial at MD Anderson. We became closer through those stays. I ask her to share her testimony with me and my boys and she did and I have great comfort in that. She took time to mentor me as a wife and a mother. She loved my essential oils and many of them brought her great comfort during this very hard time mentally and physically.

I haven't used my essential oils much for emotional support but I have been learning more and more about this area of aromatherapy since I attended a training last September. This month I put some of that training to the test. I was able to visit my Aunt in the hospital a couple of weeks before she passed and I did the Aromatouch technique on her feet and I prayed with her. I gave her Breath and left her my Breath stick. It was a comfort for me to feel like I could do something, anything that might give her relief. I know she felt loved and cared for and that is the best I could offer.

After she passed and my Mom was with my Uncle he was diffusing Peppermint and Breath at his home. I couldn't believe my 70 year old uncle was setting up the diffuser even with my Aunt gone. I felt so happy that it could give him any comfort. My Mom asked my uncle if he wanted to smell Console. He did and he asked her to put it in the diffuser.

For myself, I applied Console over my heart. Even at her memorial service I used oils. I used Triease to help me clear up after all the crying and I put Console right over my heart.

Essential Oils are a gift. Aromatherapy affects the limbic area which is the emotional seat of the brain. They help promote healthy cell function and maintain the cell's natural state. I encourage you all to research oils and their emotional health benefits.

Last month my facebook post focused on reducing our toxic load and this month I will focus on supporting our emotional health. You can find me on Facebook at Donna's Good Health. Thanks to all of you that sent condolences and prayed with my family. Please continue to pray for my Uncle and my cousins during this time of grief.

This Month's Specials

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I love the Breath Stick. Have you ever tried to find and apply Breathe Oil in the dark? I sometime swipe the stick on my snoring husband while he sleeps. I have also swiped on my sleeping kids. Breathe Drops are an absolute favorite. I love that they contain Melissa Oil. If my immune and respiratory system are needing support you will catch me with Breathe drops in my pocket. Most everyone reading this already knows about the power of Breathe oil. I love it in my diffuser and surprisingly I use it very often for emotional support. If you feel like you just need to Breathe try Breathe. I also using before exercising! Cardamom is an amazing oil for respiratory support. It is also a yummy spice. I had it mixed with chocolate at an event recently. I was so surprised to see the Chef use oils in his cooking! The great thing about this months special is that you will be so glad you have these things on hand when you need them!
I love the unscented lotion. I often use it to dilute essential oils instead of coconut oil, especially when I travel. My boys call the Cedarwood oil the sleepy oil. When one of them is having trouble drifting off to sleep I used Cedarwood on their feet.
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