Geek Before Chic

Fickle Bookworm vs. Cliche Trendsetter


I believe that I am a nerd when it comes to education. I keep my nose in my textbooks and like to be alone. I hide my face behind my curls. While other teens are out discovering the world, I like to curl up on a comfy chair and discover new books. I love the feeling that even when I'm back in reality I still feel like I'm in a different world. I believe the smell of an old book is a treasure of this world. And although I do like to dress up for church on Sunday's, my favorite outfits consist of hoodies, big T-shirts and sweatpants. I am also an "orch-dork" (someone who loves playing an instrument in an orchestra) at Joliet West, and that makes me feel important, to be part of a group that shares the same reason we play together, we love to express ourselves through music. It would be very strange for me to be caught hanging out with the beautiful head cheer leader at school or even in the same room as the cliche quarterback. I stick to the outcasts at school. The awkward guys that don't say much in front of other people, are some of the funniest people I know.

In the play, Twelfth Night, the character Feste is a fool to both Duke Orsino and Lady Olivia. Feste has a way with words and is very good at making puns. He's also got quite the sense of humor. Feste is also very witty and his jokes are laced with truth.


I am a teenage girl that acts a bit more um.. intellectually advanced than most my age. I'm not judged on my gender when it comes to my education but I do face challenges as a mature 16 year old. For instance, it's a little difficult for me to make friends my own age based on my social skills. While most girls my age spend their time shopping buying stylish clothes and accessories, I prefer to stay at home and watch Harry Potter movies all day long in my sweatpants. Most teenage girls' rooms are covered in One Direction posters, mine is covered with Superman posters and my favorite prayers. I used to think that there was something wrong with me. I was sorry for not acting like everyone else. I love reading and I love books. I actually enjoy staying home on a Friday night rather than partying with my friends. I'm different and I learned to accept that.

Feste is a male that acts like a fool. He has a lower social class because he is the town Fool. Though he is wise enough to be an oracle, he chooses to have the license to make fun of others. Feste is the secret life of the party. You can tell find out out his character if you pay close attention.

My Favorite Quotes

To You It's Just Another Book, But To Me It's Another Adventure.


My friends think I can be a bit boring because I don't really like to go out but really, It's most likely that I found a new book. My peers think I'm teacher's pets because I know all the answers though I should really learn not to raise my hand all the time to let others answer. My parents say they couldn't be prouder. My brothers think I'm adopted because I'm nothing like them. They were the popular soccer players and swimmers in high school. They also had many friends. Despite how peculiar we are to each other, we still accept each other. Charles Bukowski once said, "The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubt, while the stupid people are full of confidence." I can honestly say that I agree with this quote.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Feste as an idiot and he is only good for entertainment, but Feste is also a good friend. He can help you through a heart break and he will give you his honest opinion.

Similarities and Differences

A similarity between Feste and myself is that we both are both very wise but choose not to show it. We disguise ourselves in sweatpants or jester's clothing. We are loyal when you need a friend and we're very good actors.

A difference is that Feste shows himself as a fun loving guy. I present myself as a bum, or a very girly girl, depends what day you see me.