Mill Pond Newsletter

January 26th, 2019

This Week's Sparkling Contents:

Choose your own adventure of the topics covered below:

1. Mornings...

2. Perennial Math

3. Book Fair

4. 6th Grade Yearbook Photos

5. Flu Season

6. Challenge for Change Fundraiser

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Noteworthy Notes:


Please try to drop all students off before 7:40 AM. We have noticed a rather significant upswing in the number of tardies since the weather has worsened. We ask that you plan ahead during this winter season and ensure that your child is given plenty of time to get into the building, get settled and start the day without feeling behind or rushed.

Perennial Math:

We have had a couple of Perennial Math competitions now and they seem to be quite a big hit with the students. The material seems to be right on point by being challenging and fun without being impossible. All competitions end before 3:00, so please be courteous to the staff running the competitions and be ready to pick your child up at 3:00.

Book Fair:

MPPG's Scholastic Book Fair is coming February 11th- February 15th! Follow the link to read all about it.

6th Grade Yearbook Photos -

Photos are being collected for the 6th-grade yearbook of students participating in school events! If you are able to contribute, please do so by: Uploading your photos to dropbox or gmail or any other sharing site and share the album with

Flu Season -

This is a link to some helpful hints to hopefully keep us all safe from the flu this season.

MLK Jr. Community Celebration

Challenge for Change Fundraiser

On January 22nd, we started a fundraiser organized by our inspired students to raise money for Hope for Ariang.

Our fundraiser has been a challenge between grades and involves loose change. Putting coins in your bucket gets positive points, and putting bills in other grades buckets gives negative points. It is pretty close right now, with all three grades going strong! Which grade will earn the most points? (All funds will be donated together to support this worthy cause!)

The Fundraiser ends this Friday, February 1st!

Thank you and Take Care!