By: Destini McMichael


In 1804 Sacajawea met Lewis and Clark. Because of her bravery they made it through the journey. If it wasn't for this brave Indian the journey might not have been a success!

Asking Sacajawea

Many people think that Lewis & Clark asked Sacajawea to go on the expedition. Actually Lewis & Clark asked her husband to go, but when they found out he was useless they saw what Sacajawea could do!

The Expedition

Sacajawea went on the Expedition with her husband & Lewis & Clark. The Expedition lasted two and a half years. Sacajawea was a great help on the Expedition because she knew many thing about nature.

How Sacajawea helped on the Expedition

Sacajawea was a huge help to the explorers. Sacajawea could help because she was often used as a guide & a translator. She also knew what foods were safe & which foods were not.

Sacajawea's baby

Sacajawea had a baby boy. She named him Jean Baptiste. Clark nicknamed him pomp. After Sacajawea died; she left her baby in the loving care of Clark himself!


Sacajawea made a huge impact on the Expedition. No matter what she never gave up. Sacajawea was an American hero!

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