News From West Elementary

April 21, 2021

Recent Events in the Media

On April 20th, the jury reached a verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin. The former police officer was convicted of the murder of George Floyd. News of this verdict will likely overtake media coverage and casual conversation alike. Because of the significance of this event, we are sure our children will speak of it and perhaps raise questions during class.

If discussions should arise in class, we will take an educational approach to these current events by providing a safe space for students to express themselves. We are in the business of teaching children how to listen with sincerity to the thoughts and opinions of others.

Please know that as educators, we will not take sides, nor will we debate or encourage one perspective over another. We respect the values and experiences that all families bring to West Elementary. Our work, as educators, is to help children understand that people with different backgrounds can come to know, accept and respect one another. As West Seneca educators, we also know that our job is "to provide a diversified educational program which will produce literate, caring, ethical, responsible, and productive citizens who are capable of adapting to change" as is the mission of the West Seneca Schools. To us, this means maintaining a school culture of acceptance and respect for all, while building our capacity to show empathy and understanding for the diverse experiences we all bring to school.

Empathy and understanding for those who have lived through experiences different from our own make us a stronger school community.

April 26th -- Return to In-Person Learning with Both Cohorts

We are very excited to have hybrid students from both cohorts returning to in-person school four days a week.

While it will be great to be on campus altogether, please remember to follow the health guidelines listed below for the safety of all. Remember masks are a must! All of our classroom spaces have been set up to accommodate 3' for social distancing, and our Gym is set up for 6' per NYSDOH guidance for Phys Ed. We will be using both our cafeteria and our classrooms for lunches, and we will be maintaining 6' for social distancing at these times. We will be using our outdoor spaces as much as possible so please dress accordingly.

It will be wonderful to see so many students back at West Elementary this year!

Thanks for your continued support as we return to more in-person learning!


Please expect double the traffic on campus as we bring all student back to 4 days of instruction. We appreciate your patience. Please be mindful that the safety of students is our top priority. We need your cooperation to maintain the safe flow of traffic on campus. Use caution and be considerate.
  • Arrival --

    • If you are dropping off your child, you may not enter the building. Doors will open promptly at 9:00am (Doors 18 and 19 located on the side of the building). Please stay in your cars, staff will assist the children. If you can, pull up so we can unload more cars.

  • Dismissal --

    • PARENT PICK-UP begins at 3:00pm, from Door 17 (on the side of the building near the cafeteria).

    • Please continue to send notes to the office on a daily basis if you intend to pick up your child.

    • You must have your family ID tag/# on your dashboard.

    • Parent pick-ups from the Main Office for appointments will not be allowed after 2:45pm, as staff will be preparing for the general parent pick-up at 3:00pm.

    • Busing will begin promptly at 3:25 pm.

Thank you for your patience as you enter and exit our parking lots.

Fully Remote Students

Please expect correspondence from the teachers assigned to the fully remote grades 2, 3, 4, and 5. These teachers should be reaching out to families beginning on 4/21/21 in order to be ready for instruction on 4/26/21.

Your new teachers are so happy to meet you --

Ms. Owczarczak for Grade 2

Ms. Grazen for Grade 3

Mr. Coyle for Grade 4

Mrs. Pozzuto and Mrs. Zatlukal for Grade 5

Students with Consultant Teacher Services -- Mrs. Evans

Your former (not old) teachers will still be there for you -- plan on some activities on Wednesdays with your original homeroom and class.

Yearbook News!

Good News -- The PTA Membership Drive May Work!!! Please consider joining the West El PTA -- 100 new members means everyone gets a yearbook for free.

If you did not have your picture taken please use the Snaps@Home app and submit your pictures at by Friday, April 23rd.

Remote Learning Pictures -- the deadline to submit pictures of remote learning -- 4/30/21. Please send these to

Health Screening for Students

Please see the Daily Health Screening Questions below. Parents/Guardians must ensure that they can answer NO to each question prior to sending their student to school each day. As always, please keep your student home if they do not feel well.

  1. Have I knowingly been in close or proximate contact in the past 10 days with anyone who has tested positive through a diagnostic test for COVID 19?
  2. Have I tested positive through a diagnostic test for COVID 19 in the past 10 days?
  3. Have I experienced any symptoms of COVID 19 including a temperature of greater than 100.0 F in the past 14 days?