Parenting Strategies

to motivate underachieving gifted students

3 Big Ideas

*Parents play a very large role in motivating their gifted children to perform well.

*Parents should nurture, model, monitor and share passions with their gifted child.

*There is no silver bullet or magic pill to motivate gifted children.

2 Questions I still have...

As the parent of an unmotivated gifted child.... I would love to know more how to communicate with his middle school teachers in a way that doesn't cause conflict for him.

I would also like to know how better to show him the value of his own giftedness which he now views as just "more work".

1 action to take immediately

I need to communicate more with my own son about his giftedness and what it means for him. I also need and want to be more aware of those unmotivated gifted students in my own classroom.