10 technology rules for parents

By: Gurtaj 8C

Rule #1 Never reveal your privacy

1. Never reveal your passwords to the public or else you will get hacked!

Rule #2 Be Polite

Be Polite and Respectful to the public online

Rule #3 Be careful of what you post on the web

If you post a lot of private life some people might do lots of damage with information.

Rule #4 Spam

Never spam others it's just rude and disrespectful to others.

Rule #5 Ads

Do not click on random Ads they are most likely to viruses to corrupt your files and do other damage!
Shocking new distracted driving commercial | Disturbing Ad Aims to Stop Texting and Driving

Rule #6 Text and Drive

Never text and drive it is very risky, you can hurt yourself or others.

Rule #7 Downloads

Don't download things you do not know too much about or else you could get viruses.

Rule #8 Chain Letters

Do not forward chain letters just to get likes on a social website or just don't start them either!

Rule #9 Stranger Danger

Never meet people in real life that you met on the web or else your in lots of danger because you never know who is behind the computer.

Rule #10 Webcam

Never leave your webcam or else someone will hack your webcam and can see what your doing.