Eleanor Roosevelt

U.S First lady

When Born

Born on October 11,1884 New York,New York.

When Died

November 07, 1962 New York,New York

Her Family Tree

Husband(Franklin Delano Roosevelt) daughter(Anna Eleanor Roosevelt) son(James Roosevelt) son(Franklin Roosevelt) son(Elliot Roosevelt) son(Franklin Delano Roosevelt) son(John Apinwall Roosevelt)

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Philanthropist(a person who works to aid others through charity)Author and a World Dilplomat,with a tireless champion.


Went to a school for young women at the age of fifteen.

How Changed Nations History

How she became a Diplomat is by giving conferences and wrote a newspaper column. After her husband died she served at united nations.She focused on human rights and woman issuses.

Ineresting Fact

By her death she was regaurded as one of the most self esteemed women in the world.Also the object of almost unirversal respect


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