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July 2014

What's happening in CardioMood

Over past 2 months in CardioMood we've been working on stability and performance of our app. The result of our work is a new version of CardioMood, which is now available for download on Google Play.

Right now we are working on new features of the app, which include real-time graphs, google maps, social features. The app will also allow you to track your weight. And for more precise control over the productivity of your fitness exercises, we are going to implement a few simple but meaningful tests.

Our website is being redesigned. Later this summer you will be surprised to discover its new look and amazing features.

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What's new in CardioMood 1.3.4

CardioMood Heart Rate & Stress v.1.3.4

Compared to CardioMood the version 1.3.2, released two months ago, in this release we did the following changes:

  • Redesigned database. To address stability issues we switched to ORMLite framework.
  • Performance improvements. The app should work faster!
  • Enabled full cloud integration. Our app can store all the data on our servers.
  • GPS tracking (experimental). You can choose to track your location while exercising.
  • Device battery. In settings you will see current battery charge of your heart rate sensor.
  • Data synchronization strategies give you control over uploading data to our servers.
  • Measurement parameters are saved, so you don't have to set it again all the time after app restart.

I hope you will appreciate our work!

Feel free to suggest more or report an issue!

What's next?

In our future releases we are going to implement many features, such as:

  • Add Google Maps
  • Enables Google+ and Facebook registration
  • Real time graphs display
  • More comprehensive reports
  • Fitness tests for more accurate evaluation of the productivity of your fitness activities
  • Social features (sharing, friends, groups and messaging)
  • Personal training plans and recommendations
  • Personal trainer / doctor

  • Weight control, calories, steps, sleep and more!

While in "beta" stage, our app and services will stay free.

All beta users will be offered an attractive discount for premium services.

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