Alliyah Tibon

English 4th

Hobbies and Activities

Writing Poems, Singing, Reading,Playing Soccer,Playing Basketball, Going/Watching Football Games,Watching Baseball Games.

Schools I've Attended/School I Want to Attened

*Gateway Elementary 1-4th grades. Favorite teacher there Ms.Hill

*Faller Elementary 5th grade.

*James Monroe Middle School Begining of 6th grade.

*Prosperity Elementary rest of my 6th grade yr.

*Prairie Hills Middle School 7-8th grades. Favorite teacher there Mr.Smith

I would like to attened Pacific Coast University for law school.


Dad- Trinity Stevenson Sr. - Main phone

Mom- Darlene Stevenson

Sister- Sophia Stevenson (Tibon)

Sister- VillaMae Stevenson

Brother- Trinity Stevenson Jr

Brother- Tristan Stevenson

Health Concerns

No Health Concerns