By: Jessica Hutter

Integration of Technology into the Classroom

Educators need to steer our educational system into the 21st century by methodically utilizing technology in the classroom. Teachers should deliver instruction with technology, use technology systematically as a tool to aid student cognitive learning, and apply it comprehensively for the collaboration and the exchange of ideas. It is essential that we give our students the necessary foundational skills for their future.

The delivery of instructional materials with the use of technology is very important. It has become very common for educators to use information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as powerpoint and prezi to expose their material to students. It’s essential that teachers continue using ICTs, becoming confident and proficient at presenting instruction or guided activities. Educators need to model how technology can be used with ease, beginning to make it the norm. We need to evolve from only using technology to “teach with” to utilizing technology for students to “learn with.” It is critical that teachers use new literacy practices within the classroom for student cognitive learning. Students need to become proficient at using technologies such as different software programs, and the use of ICTs. There are so many wonderful technology resources which can enrich student learning, we need to get students accustomed to using it.

Not only is it important for educators to teach with technology, use technology to enrich student learning, but it is very important for students to collaborate and share ideas through the use of technologies. There are many internet sources such as Wiggio, Moodle, Webspiration, and blogger which are safe and secure ways which allow the sharing of information and ideas, and different media between students. It is imperative that students become familiar with the many resources, and understand how their ideas and thoughts can become global.

Educators should continue to learn about the different technologies available to aid student learning helping education progress from primarily using technology to “teach with” to utilizing technology for students to “learn with, ” and “collaborate and share ideas with”. It is our job as educators to recognize the importance of moving education into the 21st century, using technology and internet resources as tools for student learning. This will not only allow educators to enrich the existing curriculum, but will help students obtain the necessary skills for their future.

Examples of Technology Integration

Teacher Created Artifacts

1. Reading & Science Lesson – Instructional technology, student learning: researching Koala and navigating through the Creature Feature

2. Writing & Science Lesson – Instructional technology, student learning: using Brainpop as media tool to gain information for writing assignment

3. Reading Discussion & Collaboration – Instructional technology, student collaboration through Wiggio

4. Australian Wildlife Project – Instructional technology, teacher presentation of material through Smore

5. IXL- ELA & Math- Instructional technology, student learning

Student Artifacts

1. Australian Wildlife Project – Instructional technology, student learning Prezi presentation