Art Exhibition - 'My Stroke Experience'

‘The exhibition this year will be my experience of a stroke. The series began with a series of charcoal drawings done a couple of days after my night in the emergency department. Given my aphasia and losing the ability to speak, read or write (and what also appears to be a serious lack of drawing skills) they were nothing more than vague memories of my experience. These were later used as an inspiration for a series of paintings of the first night I was alone for ten hours in the emergency department. Apart from the nurses doing their observations every half hour, I felt terribly isolated not being able to talk to them or anyone else.

The first painting responded to my sub-conscious memory (and vague drawings) of the event. I was obviously sedated and had very little memory as to what was happening and the painting expresses that extreme anxiety.

As part of my recovery from aphasia I continued to make paintings of the experience. But as my ability to make art started to rekindle itself they are now somewhat different to the initial paintings.’ Peter Greenaway 2013

Exhibition Opening

Tuesday, Sep. 17th 2013 at 6-8:30pm

310 Smith Street

Collingwood, VIC

Drinks and finger food provided.
All money raised through sales will be donated to the Stroke Association of Victoria in recognition of their support for stroke survivors.
RSVP: Suzanne 0409314775

For more information about Stroke Association of Victoria