Mother Cleans Streets On Ludlow

By: Dylan Lester

Ludlow street; Newark

Ruthener Davis, or moms as her son Sam refers to her as, wakes up around four a.m. every morning all because she feels obligated to pick up trash in her neighborhood in an attempt to clean and keep it clean, this street more specifically, is Ludlow Street.

Ruthener Davis is a hard working and dedicated mother, not just to her son's or family but to the community all together. Without her this area would be clutter with trash and she is looked as a blessing. She attends Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic church, which sits in the middle of the block on the single family side of Ludlow street. Her son, Same feels embarrassed about her actions, "I don't really like it cause I take a teasin from all my friends." he states. Sam does not truly understand the good deed is mother does since he is so young. One day he will understand though and when he does it will surely come to him that his mother is a great women. Ruthener is often called the mother of the entire neighborhood. She arises every morning, all for what? no one really knows. Just to pick up empty soda cans, beer cans, potato-chip bags, candy wrappers and other such forms of trash that begin to accumulate along the street.

She Sweeps the street up and down, picks trash up every morning, all the way down this street all to familiar with violence. She slowly but surely and steadily works her way down the way to the church and does not stop until she has finished. Her family says it is a contribution to the church, "she loves the church but can't pay, so she sweeps for them." stated from a member of Mrs. Davis family.

All else that can be said is that Ruthener Davis is an angel given to a community that knows the term crime all too well.