The Case of the Missing Deed

By Ellen Schwartz


Summer arrives and 5 cousins Genevive, Claire, Sebastion, Alex, and Olivia are headed to Otter Island to spend the summer with their Grandma. When they arrive their Grandma is depressed because the Tantalus Mining Company is trying to buy her property away from her.

The children work together to follow clues, search for hidden doors, in search of the missing deed that lets Grandma keep her property but their time is running out! The deed is just not showing up and the mining company is setting days for distruction. Is their Grandpa back to his scavenger hunts, will Grandma stay depressed, and worst of all, is the deed gone forever?

Guaranteed to keep your eyes glued to the pages!

Ratings and Recommendations

I would recommend this book to kids from about grade 4-7. I would rate this book 5 our of 5 stars as I really enjoyed it! At the beginning you are overwhelmed with all of the characters but by the end you recognize the names and can imagine what they look like and know who they are inside.