Mrs. Odenweller's

Fintastic Firsties


*Please continue to check your child's folder each night for any notes or comments, including those regarding behavior and initial inside the small box within the larger one. The small conduct charts need to remain in their folders and come to school every day to ensure consistency and effective classroom management.

*When sending money to school, please put in an envelope or small bag with your child's name, how much was sent and purpose for the money. Please send exact amounts as I am unable to make change.

*Don't forget to have your child read for 20 minutes each night and complete the reading log. Challenge them to write the title themselves!



9th 4th Grade Reading SIM (campus closed to all visitors)

9th 5th Grade Science SIM (campus closed to all visitors)

10th Talent Show (5:30 - 7:30 pm)

11th EARLY DISMISSAL - 12:30 pm


23rd 2nd Math CBA #2

23rd 3rd Reading SIM (campus closed to all visitors)

24th PTO – Meeting 6:30-7:30pm


29th STAAR 4th grade Writing Day 1 (campus closed to all visitors)

29th STAAR 5th grade Math (campus closed to all visitors)

30th STAAR 5th grade Reading (campus closed to all visitors)


April 1st Show your college spirit

April 2nd PTO Spring Carnival

April 4th 3rd & 4th Grade Math SIM (campus closed to all visitors)

A note regarding closed campus:

Closed campus means that no visitors (parents) are allowed on campus for the day due to testing. We have a lot of these coming up for the remainder of the school year. I tried to make sure that they are all marked on your student’s conduct chart so that you can keep up with it as well.

Please make sure that your student comes to school with everything that they need for that day. Parents will not be able to drop off items once school has started, this includes lunches!


This week we have been reading fairy tales and comparing common elements of different books. We are also making connections for our reader's responses.


This week we are continuing the writing process. We editing and revising and moving on the publish phase! We will be looking at the different parts of speech and how they can make our writing more interesting.

We have also started buddy study. Please see the note for more information. One thing that was not included in the note was the grading info for buddy study. In first grade, we do not enter percentages for skills but rather it would be calculated into their word study grade of a 1, 2 or 3 which shows on report cards. Hopefully that makes sense!


This week, students are learning the differences between living and nonliving things to get us prepared for our unit on plants the following week.


In math, we started a 2-week long unit on financial literacy. Topics we will include are earning money (income), goods and services, needs and wants, and donating to charities. A lot of what will be discussed involve the choices we need to make when it comes to our needs and wants.


We will be integrating our math and social studies for the next two weeks. Many of the financial literacy standards are similar and intertwined. We will continue financial literacy in social studies longer to elaborate on certain concepts.