Unjammed 3.0


CEEAS Accepting Expressions of Interest for Unjammed 3.0

At CEEAS we are excited to announce that we will be running our Blended Learning Initiative once again this year. Unjammed 3.0 is designed for juvenile justice agencies that are interested in using Blended Learning and the power of the Internet to transform teaching and learning in their schools.

Through Unjammed 3.0, juvenile justice agencies and their education partners will receive intensive support from CEEAS. State agencies selected to participate in Unjammed 3.0 will receive significant coaching and technical assistance from CEEAS, including participation in a multi-day Technology Camp that will take place in late July, 2016 and ongoing remote support.

At the policy level, CEEAS will support agencies as they develop the technology infrastructure and tools to enable students to have direct access to Internet supported educational resources. It is critical that agencies who apply to be a part of Unjammed 3.0 are committed to opening up Internet access to students while working with CEEAS to put in place smart policies that include filtering and monitoring tools and responsible use agreements with students.

In addition, CEEAS will select one teacher from each site to join our Teaching Innovation Fellowship. These teachers will attend the Tech Camp and then receive significant, ongoing support from CEEAS during the 2016-17 school year. Once CEEAS has selected agencies to participate in Unjammed 3.0, we will send out applications for site-based teachers to apply to be a part of the Innovation Fellowship.

Teams of educators from the selected agencies and/or sites will attend an intensive ‘Technology Camp’ for 3-5 days over the summer of 2016. The Tech Camp will take place in late July 2016. The size of each team will vary, but will include a Teaching Fellow from each site along with other key administrators (this could include the agency’s director of education, school principal, technology director); CEEAS will work with each team to select the appropriate team.

There is no fee to participate in Unjammed 3.0. However, agencies and their education partners must commit to fully participate in Unjammed 3.0. CEEAS will cover the transportation, food, and housing for participants in the Tech Camp. In the past, some participating agencies have sent additional team members to the Tech Camp, and covered the cost of their participation. CEEAS will work with agencies on an individual basis to determine if this is feasible.

Expressions of Interest in Unjammed 3.0 are due Monday February 22nd. Once we have reviewed the Expressions of Interest, CEEAS will notify agencies if they are eligible to complete a full Application to participate in Unjammed 3.0. That application will include a series of narrative questions, technical questions, and agency certifications. We will set its due date at a later time, but we expect it to be by mid-March 2016. Remember, only state juvenile justice agencies (and their education partners) with jurisdiction over youth who have been adjudicated delinquent and are placed in long-term, secure care are eligible to apply to participate in Unjammed 3.0.

CEEAS will select agencies to participate in the initiative by mid-April 2016. Applicants must meet the guidelines included in the Application to be eligible to participate in Unjammed 3.0.

Unjammed has been a lever for significant reform and innovation in schools in juvenile justice agencies around the country over the last two years. An Unjammed site, the Wyoming Girls’ School, was featured on NPR’s Marketplace in February 2015. Click below to listen to the story.

For a glimpse of Unjammed 2.0, and to learn more about our current work with juvenile justice agencies around blended learning and technology you may want to visit our website and watch this Video. If you represent a juvenile justice agency and want to express your preliminary interest in Unjammed 3.0, our 2016-17 blended learning initiative, that will launch this spring, complete this Form by Monday, February 22nd.

Unjammed 3.0

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