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September 4, 2020

Observations from the Car Line

I love being at Door #1 in the mornings (until it gets cold out :) enjoying the morning air, greeting students, and people watching as vehicles pull up to let kids out. Most mornings it is a study of human nature at its best!

You quickly learn who the "morning" people are and who struggles to get moving in the mornings. Who eats breakfast, does their hair, and even on some mornings gets dressed on their rides to school. You learn who is organized and has their things ready to grab when they exit the vehicle and who goes from the front seat to the back seat, to the trunk, to under the seat, and finally back to the front seat to gather all of their belongings. You still see hugs and kisses and hear I love you's. You see parents laughing with their kids, parents who roll down the window to yell have a good day, and parents signing, windows down, with 80's rock blasting, and their kids shaking their heads.

You hear good morning from students, mumbles from some, and absolutely nothing from others. You can tell by body language and tone that mornings haven't gone as well for some as they have for others. I've even heard parents yell things like "good luck" and "he's all yours" as they pull away.

For the most part, I see way more positive than not, and that makes my heart happy. For those that I think are struggling, I welcome them excitedly, compliment their hair, their shirt, their socks. I talk about their Cougar U, ask if they have plans after school, try to make a connection. Maybe it's the first positive interaction they've had that day. Maybe it makes a difference.

I know you see these same students every day and while you may not see the car line exchanges, you know your students well enough or you are getting to know them, that you can tell who had a smooth start, who may have struggled, who got enough sleep, who slept in the clothes they are wearing. You might suspect that positive adult interaction is not always present and you know those students who seem to thrive on the few extra moments of attention that you give them each day.

We know our students come to us each day from all different walks of life and one of the great things about our school community is we meet each of them where they are and work with them to achieve all that they can. This is just one of the many things I love about CN and something I have heard often from our new to CN families that they appreciate as well. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our students. Thank you for caring for them and working with them in individual ways. Thank you for being a part of our Central Noble Jr/Sr High School team!

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