Scholarship Sweet Tips

Tips for finding free money to pay for college.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Scholarship Office wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving break! In this time off from classes, we hope you enjoy great food and fun with family and friends. We also hope you will take a few moments to work on your 2015-2016 scholarship application. Hopefully, you can use the tips below to strengthen your application.
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Scholarship Tips for MSU's Scholarship Application

  • Your application is only as good as the information you have entered. Check to make sure everything is accurate and up-to-date (this includes punctuation, capitalization, and spelling).
  • Use your permanent (not local) address on the Personal Information section.
  • Update your department (in Questionnaire section) AND major (in Academic section) if you have changed your major.
  • The department and major must match for the correct scholarships to show up on your Recommended Scholarships tab.
  • Are you a double major? Be sure to contact the Scholarship Office to before completing your application so we can make sure you are getting considered for opportunities in both academic programs.
  • Don't use abbreviations for organization names or awards in the Free Form Essay Questions section.
  • You must apply individually for the scholarships that are on the Recommended Scholarships section of the MSU STARS application.
  • Apply for all scholarships in which you meet the scholarship eligibility requirements even if you don't meet the preferences listed in the description. There may not be any applicants meeting those preferences.
  • Scholarships may have $0 listed by the "Amount of Awards" (see pic below) because award amounts will not be determined until after Jan. 15th. You should apply for those scholarships if you meet the qualifications.
  • Incoming students: don't forget to also apply for admission to MSU. Students must be admitted by January 15th to get considered for scholarships.
  • The application system will experience slowness as we get closer to the deadline. Apply now!
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MSU Scholarship Application

Click the box above to apply for 2015-2016 scholarships. DEADLINE is January 15, 2015.

Scholarship Application Documents

  • Double check the scholarships you have applied for to see if you have uploaded all documents required for those scholarships including recommendation letters from the required individuals.
  • Send your recommendation letter requests NOW so your references have plenty of time to submit a letter for you.
  • You do NOT have to upload recommendation letters into each individual scholarship (that requires a recommendation letter) if you have already uploaded the appropriate recommendation letter in the Attach Documents or Letter of Recommendation section. The scholarship committees can access the letters in those sections.

All scholarship documents must be received by the MSU Scholarship Office by January 15th.

External Scholarship Opportunities

Search for additional scholarship opportunities by visiting at least one of the free search engines listed on the above linked page. You should never pay money to apply for a scholarship.

Murray State University Scholarship Office

The mission of the Murray State University Scholarship Office is to provide scholarship assistance to encourage and reward scholars based on academic achievement, individual talents, and leadership abilities. We are committed to partnering with the University and community to provide access to additional financial resources and education for students.