NEPTUNE: The Blue Planet

By: Basmah K

10 Quick Facts About Planet Neptune

  1. Size of planet: 24,622 km

  2. Distance from sun: 4,503,000,000 km

  3. Length of rotation: 165 Earth Years

  4. Length of day: 0 Days 16 Hrs 6 Mins

  5. Length of year: 165 Yrs

  6. Number of moons: 14 Moons

  7. What is the planet/surface made of: Frozen Gas

  8. Who discovered it: Johann Gottfried Galle, Heinrich Louis d’Arrest, Urbain Le Verrier and John Couch Adams

  9. How did it get its name: Since Neptune is a blueish planet it is named after the roman god of sea

  10. How long would it take to get to the planet: About 12 yrs

Interesting Facts About Neptune!!

-Did you know that there are 5 known rings of Neptune

-The atmosphere is made up of hydrogen, helium and some methane

-Neptune was discovered in September 23, 1846

Weather Report

Daily Average Temperature is 218 degrees Celsius

Neptune has extremely strong winds. In fact, Neptune wind's are 3 times stronger then Jupiter's and 9 times stronger than Earth's wind. Neptune is really far away from the Sun so it receives 1000 times less sunlight then Earth does and that means it huge storms and it's dark and gloomy.

Neptune Compared to Earth



Distance from Sun: 149,500,000 km

Number of Moons: 1

Size: 12,000 km

Mass: 5.972E24 kg

Oxygen or No?: Oxygen


Distance from Sun: 4,503,000,000 km

Number of Moons: 14

Size: 24,622 km

Mass: 102.4E24 kg

Oxygen or No?: No


Come to planet Neptune and swim in the POOL OF NEPTUNE! It's the deepest pool in the Universe!!!! You can also gaze upon the majestic rings and the clear blue water.....Doesn't it sound like paradise already? Well, come on down and figure out the other appealing, radiant, elegant and magnificent things in Neptune! You will surely, be amazed!!!!!!!!!!!

Travel Essentials

-Something that will increase your weight because Neptune's winds are really strong

-Food supplies/Drinks since Neptune doesn't hold liquid water

-Something to breathe with considering Neptune has helium and hydrogen and no oxygen

-A boat or a transportation knowing Neptune doesn't have solid ground to stand on

(Just an FYI it's rare you will survive here unless you have the features to live/survive here)