Counseling News from Miss Bishop

1st Quarter Newsletter

Welcome Class of 2018!

Go Raiders! I am so excited about the class of 2018! It's going to be a great 4 years! Your Freshman year is incredibly important as you set your foundation. Congrats on a great Spirit Week! You really showed the upperclassmen who you are! Let's make it a great year!

Who am I?

Hopefully by now, you know who I am! I visited your Social Studies class to introduce myself and talk about Freshman Essentials! This is my 2nd year at Greenville High and I am looking forward to working with you guys. Remember the best time to see me is during your lunch. You are always welcome to email me or give me a call! I'm here for you and you only!

Tutoring Starts Now!


Tuesday=Math and Science

Thursday=Math and Social Studies

4-5 pm in the Media Center

Common Things Heard in my Office

Q. How do I sign up for Virtual School?

A. Visit to create an account, register for a class and then see me for an application.

Q. I don't understand Algebra, so I stopped trying.

A. Did you tell your teacher? Did you go to tutoring? Did you get a pass to see your teacher in the morning for more clarification? Did you use USA Test Prep to rewatch your lessons to get a better understanding?

-Not knowing how to work problems isn't an excuse to not do homework or try! In High School, you will need to begin advocating for yourself. Tell your teacher if you aren't understanding...I promise they will make time for you!

Q. "But I passed 6 out of 7 classes last year! Why am I still a Freshman?"

A. The South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy states that you must pass English 1, Algebra 1 and 3 other classes in order to be promoted to the 10th grade. If you are missing 1 of those classes, GHS will classify you as a 9th grader next year. But don't worry, I will work closely with you, should that situation arise!

Don't understand one of your classes?

Khan Academy offers FREE, yes I said FREE, instruction on all of your subjects. What's a linear equation? Khan can show you. How do cells divide? Khan can teach you. All it takes is a little effort to create account. There is no reason why you can't pass a class due to lack of understanding. Do your part and we will meet you half way!

Magnet Night!

Are you a Freshman that is interested in the Magnet program in Law, Business or Finance? You can still apply to begin the program in your sophomore year. Make sure you and your parents come to Magnet Night on October 21st to get more info. See Mrs. Rowan if you won't be able to make it!

You have the power!

You can access your grades at any time! Stay in charge of your grades and life by logging onto the portal. Those who are most successful stay on top of it daily! Ask your teacher or Guidance if you forgot your username and password.

Did You Know?

  • Nationwide, more students fail 9th grade than any other grade.
  • Only 10-15% of 9th grade repeaters graduate from high school.
  • Most high school drop outs fail ¼ of 9th grade courses. Low attendance is a strong indicator of a student dropping out. (Stronger than test scores and academic achievement).