Cinder Tech Project

By: Emily Lamb

What is Cinder about?

The book Cinder is a fictional novel about a young 16 teen year old girl, but she is not ordinary. Linh Cinder was adopted by a kind explorer after she was almost killed in a car accident. He desperately wanted the girl to live so he decided to give her robot body parts in which doing so made her a cyborg. When Cinder was still young her step-father passed away and Cinder was forced to live with his wife, Audrey. Audrey already had two daughters named Pearl and Peony. Audrey was never very kind to Cinder because she believed that she was the cause of her husbands death. Cinder was forced to pay for her own cyborg parts as she became older.Cinder grew up hating the fact that she was cyborg and desperately wished to be human. One day Peony got sick and caught the horrible disease called the plague and was sent to quarantine. As a punishment for Cinder supposedly spreading the plague to Peony she got sent to quarantine as well by Audrey. While Cinder was stuck in a cold horrible place with no one there but sick people and doctors, one of the head doctors found out a tremendous unknown secret about her. Cinder happened to be a lunar. As the story goes on Cinder has to face a prince in which she falls in love with, an evil lunar queen threatening to take over the world, a dead sister, and a heartbroken cruel stepmother looking for ways to get rid of Cinder. Will she make it out alive, or will she end up with the same fate as her step-dad and Peony, you can find out in Cinder.
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Cinder has to deal with the fact that she is both cyborg and lunar. She also must deal with her emotions such as love towards Prince Kai and towards her friends. She also must deal with sadness towards the death of Peony and Iko.


Setting: New Bejing

Characters: Cinder, Iko, Prince Kai, Peony, Pearl, Audrey, and Queen Levana

Rising action:

1. Cinder meets the prince while working and he asks her to fix his android

2. When Cinder and Peony go to the junkyard, Peony catches the plague

3. Queen Levana arrives in New Beijing in search for long lost Princess Selene and threatens to start a war if Prince Kai does not marry her, then she figures out that Cinder is lunar

4. Cinder wants to save Kai from marrying Levana and ending up dead so she hurrys off to the ball


Cinder goes to the ball in a ratchet dress drawing attention to herself by the crowd and Prince Kai and Queen Levana

Falling Action:

1. Cinder gets caught by a lunar gaurd and is sentenced to a death penalty

2. Dr. Earland tells her she is Princess Selene

3. She runs away


Dr. Earland frees Cinder and they escape to Africa


The theme of Cinder is to learn to love the fact that you are different


The tone in the beggining is somewhat cheerful because Cinders life is normal yet she still has to deal with Audrey and the plague. Towards the end the theme becomes more sad because Peony, Iko, and the Emporor all pass away

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