Mrs. Wallach's Firstie Flyer

Friday, April 7, 2016

Happy Spring!

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to April break! Here's what's been going on in first grade...

News and Events

Recent News and Events

Valley Terrace Visit: On Tuesday the 22nd, we had our monthly visit to Valley Terrace with our fourth grade buddies. We played a rousing game of BINGO!

Sugaring and taste testing: The following day we helped Mr. Buck's fifth graders collect and boil sap. One week later we got to sample the finished maple syrup over some ice cream!

Brain lesson: Two weeks ago we had a guest appearance by Mrs. Tine, who share with us her expertise on the brain and learning.

Dartmouth Science Day: On the 25th we spent the day at the Dartmouth Life Sciences building. We spent time learning to use microscopes, visiting the greenhouses, exploring various creatures who live in our local habitat, and learning about real dinosaur fossils!

Fiddlesticks: Last Thursday we were visited by a trio of members from the Vermont State Orchestra. They taught us about their strings instruments and played some songs for us.

Pedro Baez: On Monday we were visited by a world-renowned classical guitarist, Pedro Baez. He put on a wonderful morning performance for us and answered questions about the guitar.

Chorus Concert: Yesterday, we saw the 5th and 6th graders in their chorus concert dress rehearsal. They did an awesome rendition of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror!

Upcoming News and Events

Today - April 20th: April break

Tuesday, April 19th: Valley Terrace visit with fourth grade buddies

Thursday, April 21st: Field trip to the Lebanon Opera House to see Peter Rabbit Tales

Academic Updates

Mathematics Focus

Number Composition - Composing numbers up to twenty with two addends

  • finding relationships among different combinations of numbers up to 20
  • finding as many 2-addend combinations of a number as possible
  • trying to prove that all the possible 2-addend combinations of a number have been found

Whole Number Operations - Making sense of and developing strategies to solve additions and subtraction story problems

  • adding and subtracting single-digit numbers
  • visualizing, retelling, and modeling and action in addition and subtraction situations
  • subtracting one number from another, with initial totals up to 12
  • developing strategies for solving addition and subtraction story problems
  • solving addition and subtraction story problems

Representing Mathematical Thinking

  • using numbers and standard notation to record strategies and solutions
  • developing strategies for recoding solutions to story problems

IXL Practice Recommendation:

  • Addition (B13, B14, B17, B19)
  • Subtraction (D8-13; D15-17)
  • Money (08)
  • Mixed Operations (F5, F7)


  • capitalizing the first word of a sentence
  • ending a sentence with punctuation
  • deciding if a sentence is telling, asking, or exciting and choosing the appropriate punctuation mark
  • writing in complete sentences
  • connecting two ideas in a sentence with 'and'
  • capitalizing names of people, pets, months, days of the week, holidays
  • writing the date
  • pronoun usage


Friendly Letters

  • content and formatting

Writing about reading continues...

  • writing about events that happened in a reading group book

Journal writing continues...

  • generating ideas
  • writing a sentence to tell about something true from your life
  • adding one or two more sentences to tell more details
  • drawing a picture to match the words
  • sharing with the class in a loud clear voice

Phonics and Snap Words

Phonics Concepts
  • segmenting and blending up to five sounds
  • suffixes -s, -ing, and -ed
  • vowel team sounds for oa, oe, ow, ou, oo, ue, ew, au, aw
  • vowel-consonant-e syllables
  • long vowel sounds

Snap Words

  • how
  • now
  • down
  • out
  • about
  • our
  • another
  • other
  • friend

Guided Reading Groups

Recent Reads by Group:

Orange Iguanas:

  • Bear's Birthday
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Your Brain
  • The Bossy Pig
  • Stone Soup
  • Best New Friends
  • The Missing Cat

Green Monkeys:

  • Dinner for Maisy
  • Out for Lunch
  • Just Wait and See
  • Your Brain
  • In Winter
  • All About Animal Babies
  • The Gecko that Came to School
  • Grandma's Glasses

Blue Barracudas

  • Police Car
  • All About Penguins
  • Your Brain
  • Big Lizard, Little Lizard
  • Going to School
  • The Drip
  • At the Fair

Red Jaguars

  • Flat Stanley
  • Arthur's Mystery Envelope
  • Your Brain
  • Amelia Bedelia
  • Cam Jansen and the Stolen Diamond
  • Henry and Mudge and the Wild Wing
  • Magic Tree House #1


Human Body systems

April Author of the Month

Leo Lionni

Classroom Needs

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