This is best place to relax and enjoy the blue waters.

Bahama Bites

The most popular types of foods in the Bahamas consist of limes,oranges,mangoes,pinnaples,and coconuts.If you think thats yummy wait until you try the fresh seafood like crawfish and conch which is a type of clam. If you want BBQ the Bahamas has it all from chicken to steak to ribs. Thats not all they also have shepherd's pie and Johnny cakes. Be sure to try all of these amazing foods.
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Music and Moves

Did you know that a lot of the Bahamas have to do with terditional music and dances? If you like performances then you will love the junkoo people they perform rituals during colional days. If you want to know about history alot of the lucayo indians lived here way before the europeans arrived. If you like music try watching or listening to goombay it is a african word for rythim. Rake "n" scrape is another form of music. You have to see these wonderful performances.
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Wonderful Waters

There is so many water events to do. If you like animals then you will love swimming with the dolphins.If you like flowers and gardening and animals you will want to go to the ardastra gardens (zoo). You can go scuba diving and go on the atlantis paradise island,a relaxing cruise ship. We also have water sports like, boating,fishing,and wakeboarding. There is so much fun things to do you will be busy all time.
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Active actives

If you are outgoing try climbing the mountains in the Bahamas.They have multiple beaches you can enjoy.You can try climbing a mountain that is 206ft above sea level.They also have 700 islands,WOW thats alot. They also have big giants reefs.These are the most popluar places to go and enjoy.
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Amazing Languages

If you want to learn new languages this is your chance. If you speak Creole and English your in luck a lot of people in the bahamas speak those languages. They also speak standard english among haitian people. hopefully you can speak these languages when you come back from your trip.

The Time To Go

Go to the Bahamas to enjoy family fun and relaxing sun time. If you like summer or sunny days there is 320 sunny days in one year. The most common temperature is 72 degrees in the winter and 85 degrees in the summer. Mid december to mid april is rainy season but it is mostly hot in the summer and during the year.Hope you enjoy the nice weather.

Bahamas Activities


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