Team Dipalo News!

What a great month! We hit Directorship!

**Last month was awesome. We become one of three teams to hit directorship which is amazing! Thank you all!
**Wendy is on the mend. Thank you for all your prayers. It was such a great feeling to see her at our last team meeting. It wasn't the same without her.
**We will be continuing our Team Rallies every month but will be moving the location to Abbotsford. I'll keep you posted!
** Febuary there will be a Leadership retreat for SRVips and above. The best of the best will be there offering invaluable training. Must be SR VIP or above and have $1200 in personal volume and 12 spa's on the calendar for Jan/Feb. Call me for further details

- $13000 team unit volume
- 10 new team members ( currently at 6)



Top Sales was Lorena Nerio
Top Team Builder was Jen Seiler.

Way to go Ladies!

Thanks you ladies and call me if you need anything!

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