The ME Project

Karamvir Uppal

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Who am I?

Hi there, I am Karamvir Kaur Uppal. I am 16 years old. I go to Louise Arbor Secondary School. My dream is to go in the medical field as a nurse. I want to be a nurse to make my parents proud. I belong to a very traditional Indian Punjabi family. We practice Sikhism. I have very big hopes regarding my future. I try my best all the time. I am very open to learning different things which is way I take different courses related to different course fields. I love to spend time with my family over all the other things I could possibly do. Family is important but your work should be given first priority as family supports you in completing your work. This is what I believe. I am someone who respects but needs respect in return. Going for doing things right is often tough as it is the right way but doing the wrong way is usually easy. This is what I am taught so it makes it much easier to take decisions when deciding between doing the right or wrong. These are values and principles that I have learned which make me into who I am today.
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My Favourite Things

My three favorite things are:

  • The color blue
  • Chocolate and vanilla ice cream cheese cake
  • Sauble beach

These are my favorite things because they are related to me in some way. Blue is my favorite color as it is a very calm color, it has many shades, and it is the color of water at beaches which leads to make second favorite place Sauble beach. I love being in water not always swimming but relaxing and Sauble beach one of the most clean water beaches in Canada. Usually we go to places all together with our extended family which is like 21 members so we eat out and all of our favorite desserts is the chocolate vanilla ice cream cheese cake. It is very fun as it often leads to kids putting cake on each others faces while the adults try to stop and clean them.

My leadership style

My leadership style is as a joiner. Leadership as a joiner is someone who considers themselves as a member of the group not leader. It is someone who wants and looks for opportunities of being equal. Decisions are made by everyone. Someone who would rather acts as like the "spokesperson". An example of my leadership style is when I join I group of people I often listen to everyone and put my opinion out there but make sure that at the end it is a decision by everyone not just me. If I am playing a game as a team then making a strategy would be something I do but everyone in the team must agree and take the decision to use the strategy.

My Influences

My main influences are my sisters. They are my role models but at the same time they are the biggest influences in my life. External factor that has shaped me into who I am are I guess competition. Its 2016 and wherever you go you find competition. For me that competition is in my home. I feel that I am always compared to a relative who is doing good in everything. For example, a cousin becomes an eye doctor then I am asked why are my science marks low. This often hurts but makes me determined to prove that I can do something even better. Another external factor is economic. As there are more jobs being created and more qualification, it makes you feel as if you will stay behind everyone. This pushes me to only concentrate on my work rather then any thing else. Internal factors that shape me into who I am are dedication for what I am doing, and family. I always finish whatever I start, it feels like dedication but I do not know if it is. All I do know is that this factor of dedication has made me who I am. My friends influence me as they support me in doing everything I want to do. They are always there for me. They never turn their backs on even when others who are your own do.

My Role Model

My role models are my two older sisters. They are my role models because they help me regardless, rather then letting me do mistakes, they do the mistakes knowingly and make me learn from that. They are the most strongest women I see everyday. I wake up everyday in peace because of their struggle which does not end. They have many, many more problems then I have ever had in my entire lifetime yet they smile and make everyone else smile around them. They never had to do everything they did for me as that should have been something my parents should have done but they still did it. They do everything not looking at what happiness it would give them but rather what happiness it would give to other. My sisters are my role models because of who they are themselves.


Personality Test Results

  1. My Blueprint - Learning Styles - Visual Learner
  2. My Blueprint - Personality - Introverted, intuiting, Thinking, Judging
  3. My Blueprint - Interests - The Visionary
  4. My Blueprint - Knowledge - Computers
  5. My Blueprint - Motivations - Independence
  6. My Blueprint - Compatibility - Lawyer 85%
  7. My Top 3 Occupation Matches - Lawyer, Photonics Engineer, and Physic
  8. True Colors Test - Number One Gold and Number Two Green
  9. Right Brain vs. Left Brain - Right Brain - 24% and Left Brain - 80%
  10. Holland Code Career Test - Creator