The Vaccination Problem

by Nick Gittemeier

My Oppinion

I think you should be allowed to choose if your kid gets vaccinated or not. By vaccinating your kids, you make them a little sick, but protect them from getting diseases. It can rarely cause seizures, and allergic reactions. Schools shouldn't force you to get vaccinated to be able to be educated.

Evidence that supports this idea

Vaccinations can put public health at risk. Vaccinations may cause other diseases. Many shots from vaccines and be too stressful for children. Other vaccinations can cause growth problems. Vaccines may cause fatal accidents to certain kids. Some parents worry vaccines may cause autism.
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Reasons vaccinations are required

Some reasons vaccinations are required are because they have saved millions of peoples lives. Over time vaccines grow to become better at sopping diseases. Vaccines for new diseases are discovered all the time.

The Issue

The problem is that some parents are worried about their kids getting diseases and getting sick. But vaccinations are required in many schools and help stop diseases a lot of times. Parents don't like to vaccinate their kids because of the little virus they get to stop other viruses. There are many ways to view vaccinations, which is why it is such a big problem.