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Richlands Primary School February 15-19, 2016

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The Leader in Me Symposium

This past Thursday and Friday, a team of teachers from RPS' leadership team (Melissa Foy, Ivy Newbold, Amber Owen, and Michelle Huffman) accompanied me on a trip to Atlanta to attend "The Leader in Me Symposium." The theme of the Symposium was "Stand for Greatness" (click on the link to watch an inspirational video about The Leader in Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfTRLhX011Y)

The Symposium is designed for a wide variety of audiences from schools considering becoming a Leader in Me School to schools well into The Leader in Me process. We attended the Symposium with our sister school RES. Representatives from Dixon Elementary were also in attendance as well as representatives from JCES. JCES is in it's 2nd (or 3rd) year of implementation.

To say that the trip was inspirational might be a bit lacking. Day 1 of the Symposium included school visits. Our team had the opportunity to attend multiple campuses. It was truly amazing to see schools firmly established with The Leader in Me. We saw The Leader in Me fully integrated into the climate and culture of the buildings we entered. WIGS (Wildly Important Goals) were clearly posted and evident. Meaningful scoreboards were present throughout the buildings. Students understood their personal goals and could tell you how close they were to attaining those goals.

Day 2 of the Symposium was made up of student speeches and a session in which the audience was able to pose questions to a student panel. The students on the panel ranged in age from 1st Grade to 5th Grade. Students were poised and well spoken. It was very evident that the students lived the 7 Habits. One question posed to the panel had the students reflect on how they could tell if teachers were not using the habits. The responses were comical but also hard hitting. One student eloquently stated that her teacher didn't always use Habit 2 - "Start With the End in Mind."

Our Team was definitely energized by our trip! We are excited to bring back our experiences to RPS as we prepare for implementation of year 1 next school year. The Team will be assisting Mrs. Agrue and I with the book study of "The Leader in Me." We will officially begin our book study on the February 24 Early Release Professional Development Day. Please make sure that you have read chapters 1-3 by February 24!

Tim Joines

Team Thoughts on the Symposim

This week we walked through the hallways of some amazing schools. We met students who were empowered to be leaders and dedicated teachers who had made that happen. I know that this journey could not have been an easy task. However, what I saw made me desire this for each and every one of the students that pass through our doors at RPS. If we begin with the end in mind and synergize I know that the talented individuals that teach here at RPS can make that happen.

Melissa Foy

One quote that I heard that I really liked was "You have to look at students like they are a combination lock. You have to try different things for each student." I really think with the Leader in Me, each student is able to be a successful leader in different areas. The Leader in Me is the framework, the foundation for which everything else in the school is built on. From the school visits, I liked being able to see how everyone (staff and students) were involved. I think it is so important for everyone in the school to be on the same page. I like the common language that is used among the students and staff too.

One thing that I was really impressed with was the data notebooks. We are all already collecting data, but I like that the students are responsible for setting their goals and are held accountable. I think this would be something very simple to implement at RPS.

Michelle Huffman

The Leader in Me conference was very enlightening! I enjoyed seeing first hand how the schools are promoting strong leadership skills across their campuses. Kindergarten leadership was clearly as important as 5th grade leadership. The school environment was exciting and you could clearly identify their focus and goals. I appreciated that their walls were decorated not just with student work, but more importantly, with student progress! I am excited to see RPS join The Leader in Me movement. I think it will bring our school to a whole new level of success that will be seen and felt throughout our community.

Amber Owen

The Leader in Me symposium was an eye-opening experience that showed real life experiences of K-5 students demonstrating leadership skills. It is an initiative that will teach our students how to be productive citizens and leaders. It is a goal based program that allows students to feel personal achievements and allows them to see their self-worth.

Ivy Newbold

Leadership Quotes

Several of the schools had leadership quotes on the walls throughout their hallways. It was truly inspirational . The attached quote was very common to see. Many of the schools named their hallways after the 7 Habits.

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Mark Your Calendars!

February 15 - Snow Day Make-Up Day - F Day

February 15 - Baby Shower for Courtney Koonce 3:30-4:30 Media Center

February 16 - Buster the Bus

February 16 - Space Station Conversation 1:25-2:35 Multipurpose Room

February 16 - 2A Conference Night 4:00-7:30

February 16 - CiCi's Pizza Night

February 17 - BT Meeting Media Center 3:35

February 22 - ESL/ACCESS Testing Computer Lab 9:00 until complete

February 23 - Interim Reports Go Home

February 23 - HWY 55 Character Ed. Trip

February 24 - Early Release

February 24 - Jump Rope for Heart Multipurpose Room 9:00

February 25 - 2A Conference Night 4:00-7:30

February 26 - Class Picture Day

February 29 - Joines AM Principal's Meeting

March 1 - 2A Conference Night 4:00-7:30

March 16 - Early Release

March 24 - End of the Grading Period

March 25 - Holiday - No School

March 28 - April 1 Spring Break - No School

April 4 - 2016/2017 RPS Teaching Preference Survey provided to staff

April 8 - 2016/2017 RPS Teaching Preference Survey due

April 29 - Snow Day Make-Up Day "E" Day

June 8 - 7 Habits Training, Launching Leadership 8-4 (location TBD)

June 9 - 7 Habits Training, Launching Leadership 8-4

June 10 - 7 Habits Training, Launching Leadership 8-4

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CUBS Care!

Bus Driver Appreciation Week February 8 - 12

Birthday Wishes to the following Staff Members!

February 17 - Joy Lewis

February 20 - Julie Ervin

February 21 - Michelle Huffman

February 24 - Jonathan Wisniewski

February 28 - Vee Lumley

eleot Scoreboard

The Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool (eleot) focuses on seven key learning environments that promote effective learning and student success:

  • equitable learning

  • high expectations

  • supportive learning

  • active learning

  • progress monitoring and feedback

  • well-managed learning

  • digital learning

The observer is focusing on student behaviors. Observations range from 10 - 15 minutes in length (20 min. maximum).

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