Derby Daily

September 19-24

The week at a glance: 3-5's the BCMHC Student Checklist Week!

Our FSP Fundraiser continues....Thank you for your support!

Monday, September 19th: We #CelebrateMonday with a GROOVE! Blues in the School joins us for Morning Gathering! Important to note Morning Gathering will last approximately 1 hour due to the Blues in the School presentation. Remember--3rd grade, you are welcome to stay for the presentation or leave your friends with our Specials teachers.

Dental Screenings today! Thank you Nurse Judy for keeping our smiles beautiful!

ELA (K-2) Grade Level Meeting @ Aslin 3:45 Thank you Katie Sullivan for your leadership!

Tuesday, September 20th: Data Meetings today for K in the morning and 2nd grade in the PM! See you in Trailer G! *Stay tuned we may be making some changes to assist us and ensure all TEAMS are working at a high level.

(3-5) Grade Level Meeting @ Aslin 3:45 Thank you Amy Jones for your leadership

We are ready for movin' groovin' and GRATITUDE! It's the Thank you Derby concert--see you at Rose Music Hall!

Wednesday, September 21st: Mr. Miles is out of the building today! He is out learning with our PBIS CORE TEAM! Thank you Mrs. Battle, Ms. Smith and Mrs. Henning for your leadership as members of our CORE TEAM!

Our Faculty Meeting begins at 3:45--see you in the Media Center!

Thursday, September 22nd: Data Meeting 1st in the a.m./3rd in the p.m.*Stay tuned we may be making some changes to assist us and ensure all TEAMS are working at a high level.

Friday, September 23rd: Join us for Fitness Friday 7:30 a.m.

Upcoming Dragon Events

Sept 26 Collaboration Day

Sept 26 Dragon Tales Newsletter Submissions due

Sept 27th Beginning Teachers' Meeting First Year Teachers @ Smithton 4:30 p.m.

Sept 28th September Principals' Birthday Lunches

Sept 28th FIRE DRILL

Sept 28th New Dragons Thrive Book Study 3:45 p.m.

Sept 28th FSP Fall Fundraiser concludes

Sept 30th Fitness Friday!

Sept 30th DRA2 Scores due in eSchool

Sept 30th First Buddy Day!

Sept 30th Don't forget your 2 positive referrals!

October 1st TAWL Conference with Ralph Fletcher @ Paxton Keely 8-1

October 3rd First Grade Academy 4:00 p.m. @ Paxton Keely

October 3rd National Custodian's Day! We celebrate our amazing staff!

October 3rd Lockdown Drill

October 4th Fire Prevention Week Skits 8:30 a.m.

October 4th McTEACHER NIGHT! Please sign up outside my office for your shift!

October 5th DRE Problem Solving Team meeting 12:00

October 5th PLC Building Leadership Team 3:45 p.m.

October 6th SCM De-escalation and Conflict Training 3:45-5:45 sign up on PD Express

October 7th Fitness Friday!

October 7th Derby Spirit Gear goes on sale

October 7th K-2 Distinguished Dragon Assembly (submission due Oct 6)

October 7th Happy Hour Room 38

October 9-15 Fire Prevention Week

October 10th Flu Clinic

October 10th Kindergarten Academy @ Paxton Keely 4:00 p.m.

October 11th FIRE DRILL

October 11th 2nd/3rd year Teacher Training 4:30 Gentry

October 12th Compass Point Team Meetings 3:45 p.m.

October 13th Festival of Nations Sharing**more info to come

October 13th Picture Day for Pre-school

October 13th Picture Re-take Day for K-5

October 14th Fitness Friday!

October 14th 3-5 Distinguished Dragon Assembly

Looking to book the trips to Bradford Farms! October 17-21

October 19th Early Release Day! 12:50 p.m.

October 19th*We will attempt to start the Faculty Meeting early--but just in case plan to remain for a meeting on the 19th

October 19th World Cafe 6:00 p.m.

October 20th Shake it UP! Earthquake Drill

October 20th FSP meeting 6:00 p.m

October 21st Fitness Friday!

October 21st Shoes from the Heart info due to Mr. Williams

October 24-28 Red Ribbon Week

October 24th PLC BLT Training at Aslin

October 25th BTA First Year Meetings @ Smithton 4:30-6:00 p.m.

October 26th October Principals' Birthday lunches

October 27th FSP Fundraiser Pick up! 3:00-6:00 p.m.

October 28th Halloween Parade and Trunk or Treat Extravaganza!

October 31st NO School Collaboration Day!

Drops in the Bucket:

Shout out to our Compass Teams! Special thanks to Team Accountability for the incredible work on the menu! Thank you to all for all your work from the monthly assessment info, to setting our dates for the year, to all our buddy days to come! Amazing Collaboration!

Anxious to get YOUR feedback--but at this week's FSP meeting there was PRAISE for the online newsletter! Way to go Dragons!

Tip of the Hat to those learning on the road! Taylor M, Lexie D and Kevin for learning all about student led conferences, student leadership and data binders, LaToya and Elaine learning with Stephanie Harvey--can't wait for you to share!

Shoes from the Heart! What an amazing opportunity for our Dragons--thank you Mr. Williams, Mr. Miles and Mary Kay for working to make this possible!

Data Meeting Agenda

Our PLC Leadership Team will be meeting regarding the agendas this week, but the dates are set and (thank you Doug Shinn) the data walls are up for you to input your data!

We will meet in Trailer G!

*Stay tuned we may be making some changes to assist us and ensure all TEAMS are working at a high level.

Sept 20: Kindergarten/2nd

Sept 22: 1st/3rd

Tentative Agenda Items are as follows:

  • Review of our Meeting Protocol (Review of Article Dialogue vs. Discussion)
  • Review of Criteria
  • Sorting
  • Intervention Discussions
  • Introduction and information regarding Problem Solving Protocol
  • Gathering of materials for Intervention
  • Establish Dates for the grade level for the year

Wanting to Share your Knowledge on GREAT reports and info you use from STAR and additional assessments such as ST Math! Leave it on the Board in the Workroom to Share your knowledge and empower our students with goal setting and intervention knowledge!

Thank you Concert Update! See you on Tuesday!

Have you RSVPed?

The link is ready to capture all the Dragon sign ups!

Flat Branch Home Loans is happy to invite you to a pre party on Tuesday September 20th at 4pm at Room 38!

Please join us and meet the band!
The Go Set is excited to be the entertainment for our first Thank You concert!

Faculty Meeting Agenda: We will see you Wednesday! Be ready to begin @ 3:45 Sharp!

Makin' It Rain! Let's spread those drops of Gratitude! (as you enter)

Review of our Norms! Picking Sticks for our Roles (3 minutes)

Unveiling of our Manta/Mission Votes! Celebrating our Mission (7 minutes)

Chapter 1 Discussion of the Leader in Me book! (10 minutes)

Notes from Nurse Judy! (10 minutes)

Diversity Training (45 minutes)

Sneak Peek at Sept 26th

Have you signed up for your Morning Sessions?

Who should use PDExpress to sign up?

· Classroom Grade Level Teachers, Fellows Mentors, Gifted Teachers & Title I Teachers

· Elem. ELL Teachers

· Elem. Media Specialist

· All Elem. Special Education Certified Staff (including Diagnosticians, School Psychologists, Speech Lang Pathologists, etc)

· Elem. Counselors (not assisting Susan Perkins with PD)

· Elem. Instructional Aides

· Elem. Home School Communicators & Family Advocates.

Who is automatically signed up for their session?

· Elem. Grade Level Teachers in the Math Project (Russell)

· Elem. Fine Arts (Beulah Ralph Elem)

· Elem. PE (Aslin Training Room)

· Preschool (Field)

· Early Childhood Special Education (Check with Amy Wilson)

· Elem. Classroom Aides

· Elem. Paraprofessionals

Our afternoon begins at 1:00 p.m.

Tentative Agenda Items Include:

Problem Solving Team fishbowl

Intervention Training and work

We look at our Vision Work

Read all about our Compass Point Meetings:

BCMHC Teacher and Student Checklist Update:

Teacher Checklist: Have you completed the TEACHER CHECKLIST! DUE date was Sept 16th

A reminder email that surveys are not “submitted” until you click the “I am Finished” button at the bottom of the checklist. You may wan to go back in and do that for it to show up complete.

3-5 Teachers we are launching the STUDENT CHECKLIST this week! NEW THIS YEAR! NEW THIS YEAR!

Student Checklist:

Review from Tricia--thank you for leading this charge!

Here’s what we know:

  1. The checklist should only take about 15 minutes to do, but you do need to read it out loud to your students—we don’t want to do it in specials because many of the questions are about sensitive topics, and we think students will feel more comfortable and therefore be more honest with their own teacher in their own classroom. Chelsea is putting a copy of the script in your mailbox.
  2. We would like to try to have everyone give the survey Monday or Tuesday, so we have the rest of the week to catch students who were absent. Every student needs to take this next week.
  3. Students can complete the survey on a computer or iPad. When they login to the computer, there should be an icon on the desktop they can just click for the survey. On the 5th grade iPads, it’s probably an icon in Self Service. I need to check the iPad cart Monday to see if it’s an icon on those. If nothing else, you can have students type the link into Safari:
  4. Student login is their last name, and password is their student number. Last name should be exactly as in eSchool, including hyphens. If you’re not sure, ask me—I have a list from Chelsea.
  5. If you get questions from parents, refer them to Kevin, Kristi, or Allen.
  6. If you have tech questions, I’m happy to help. If you have other questions about the survey, e-mail Chelsea at

Schedule: These are just suggestions based on what I can see of your schedules and the laptop cart schedule. We could fit all the classes in on Monday if this looks ok, but there are a couple spots open on Tuesday as well.

Upstairs classes: The laptop cart is wide open all day Monday and Tuesday morning, and there are only two of you, so just pick your time.

Downstairs classes: Here are some options:


8:50-9:40 fourth grade class (or two might be able to share this time)

10:30-12:10 Jones has laptop cart—can you get the survey done during this time?

12:40-1:10 third grade class

1:10-1:40 third grade class

1:40-2:10 fourth grade class

2:30-3:00 third or fourth grade class


8:50-9:40 fourth grade class (or two might be able to share this time)

2:30-3:00 third or fourth grade class

You’re welcome to just sign up on the Outlook calendars, or reply to this e-mail, and I’ll sign you up.


Tricia Price

Upcoming Professional Development available to all our Dragons

Interested in learning more about ST Math: Sept 20 and Sept 22nd

Hello ST Math users!

Do you have unanswered ST Math questions? We will be hosting 2 Online Q&A sessions next week. These will be informal, come and go sessions. Please sign up for the session of your choice by clicking on this hyperlink.

Sign Up for a session:

ST MATH staff will send those that sign up the link to join the Online Session.
The two sessions choices:
Tuesday, Sept 20 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Thursday, Sept 22 3:30 - 4:30 pm

New Dragons Thrive: Wednesday, Sept 28th

Possible Topics: More info from the Whitaker book; Questions and Answers; Whole Brain Tips brought to you by the Amazing Katie Sullivan!

SCM Conflict and De-esculation training: Oct 6th

3:45 p.m.-5:45p.m.

Presenter: Errin Hagen will present on SCM De-Escalation Strategies that can be utilized with all students.

Description: This training will focus on de-escalation strategies to be utilized across school settings with students. This will NOT be a training in how to restrain students or focus on only big externalizing behaviors. This training will provide another tool in our kit for how to help keep problems small and allow students to remain calm in the school setting.

Objective of Session: - Provide strategies and procedures we can use to help de-escalate students- Learn ways to proactively prevent crisis- Discuss appropriate follow through when we do have concerns with student or adult safety at school.

Smart but Scattered Book Study and the work of Frank Kros: Watch PD Express for more info to come!

TANGy and great strategies for Math: Watch PD Express for more info to come!

PBIS Menu update--thank you Team Accountability! Order forms need to be ready for pick up by 9:00 am if you want prizes delivered to your room that day!

Team Accountability wanted to give you all some clarity on how to utilize the good behavior tickets. I tried to consolidate this email as much as possible – I know this is a lot of info but it’s all important, so PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE EMAIL (sometime before Monday)!

How can students use their tickets?

Option 1: Enter their tickets (with first and last name) into the raffle bucket for a chance to be called up to the office for a prize.

Option 2: Use tickets to purchase tangible prizes from the office (prize menu is in the PBIS reward folder on the google drive).

Option 3: Use tickets to purchase intangible prizes within the classroom (each grade level was asked to create their own reward menu with intangible items)

If your student chooses to use their tickets to purchase tangible items from the office, how do they get their prize/when do we send them to purchase, etc.?

Starting Monday we will begin using an order form created by Team Accountability to simplify the prize buying process. Here are the steps you will follow if you have students who would like to purchase prizes from the office:

Step 1: Choose one responsible student leader in your room to be in charge of orders each day (or certain days of the week if you prefer – we recommend at least a couple times a week so there is speedy reward). You will need to train your student leader on what this should look like.

Step 2: Student leaders will act as “cashiers” to take and count tickets. Ex. If Sara wants a DRE wristband, student leader/cashier would count Sara’s tickets to make sure she gave the correct amount, then record Sara’s name in the Derby Wristband box on the order form.

Step 3: Order forms and tickets should be kept somewhere in plain sight right inside your classroom door. Our 4th and 5th grade helpers will be coming around at a set time each day to pick up the forms and tickets. They will take the completed order form to the office and process the requests. They will deliver the prizes back to your room that same day, setting the prizes wherever you keep your menu.

***I attached a picture of what a filled out order form might look like.

What supplies do I need for this? How will this all look?

1. Laminated, color coded order form (provided by Team Accountability – we gave each person two in case one gets lost or damaged. These will be in your box by the end of the day Friday)

2. Wet erase marker to record orders with (dry erase doesn’t come off of lamination well)

3. Ziplock bag or some sort of container to keep tickets in WITH YOUR NAME ON IT (once cashier counts them, they need a place to put them and 4th and 5th graders need an easy way to pick them up and transport them).

4. Choose a specific spot inside your door (near the entry) that is obvious/easy to see where you will keep your order form and accompanying materials. This will make it easy for 4th and 5th grade helpers to do their job quickly and without disrupting your room.

5. Think about how passing out prizes will work in your room. Will you do it right when the prizes are delivered? Will you do it each day at the end of the day? This is up to you!

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions. This was kind of hard to explain through email, so if it wasn’t clear I’d be happy to explain in person!

Are you receiving the ParentLink messages?

To Check

Please check your contact information on Employee Online to be sure it’s up to date. Our ParentLink/Blackboard message system uses the eSchools database for student/guardian contact information the same way Business Plus Employee Online db uses staff contact info. Pulls of data update every 24 hours.

Carolyn Vaughn in the CPS Business Office is the best contact for Employee Online.
Log in Instructions are attached.

Note, if you’re home phone and cell phone are the same, please enter them in two fields (home/cell) so the system knows to dial your number for voice and text your number for messages.