Read Like A Rockstar!

SEM- PARP January 20, 2016

"Wonder"ful Informational Authors!

Reading is a great way to learn about the world! Every Wednesday during PARP (Pick a Reading Partner), we will introduce you to some fantastic nonfiction authors and websites. Be sure to share what you are reading and learning on Twitter with the hashtag #SEMreads.

Don't forget to "record" your fantastic fact on the record in your PARP packet! Today is a great day to read a nonfiction book, magazine, or website to learn some new facts to share with your friends at SEM. Wednesday is also our day to "rock the pages" and read a little bit more than usual!

Check out Wonderopolis! (Click on the link above)

Wonderopolis is a kid-friendly site that features a "wonder of the day" and allows you to search for subjects you are wondering about. It is a fabulous site for reading informational text and learning more about the world around you!
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What are your family's favorite books?

What are some books that you enjoy looking at together? What are the books your kids ask for again and again? Add your family's favorites to our school padlet! Click on the link below that says "SEM Families Favorite Books!". Simply double-click anywhere on the page and type in your information. There is no "save" button, so just click out of the box when you are done and your work will be published! Looking forward to reading and sharing favorite titles.

Wednesday is "Rock of Pages"- and the day we try to read more pages!