Wildlife Biologist

Social and Life Sciences

Job Description

The duties of a wildlife biologist working for the Dept. of the Interior Bureau of Land Management in Lakeview, Oregon include:

1. Evaluating and conducting biological analyses of wildlife ecology and behavior,

2. Identifying impacts of wildlife habitat and threatened and endangered species,

3. Writing research documents and informative papers on the animals in the environment

4. Evaluating inventory and monitoring data to determine population trends,

5. Addressing problems in the ecosystem as well as problems with other related topics such as natural resources,

6. And working on projects to improve the lives and health of the animals in your environment.

Basic Information

Salary: $40,033 - $63,654 per year

Location of Workplace: Lakeview, OR

Living Salary: ~$30,000 a year.

I will be making ~$45,000 a year starting out.

Cost of Living (1 Month)

Food: $273.64

Student Loans: $1244

Phone: $27.60

Transportation (car payment + gas): $193.12

Home Insurance: $77.80 (933.63 a year)

Mortgage: $669

Energy: $162.55

Haircut: $15.79

Movie: $9.50

Total: $2673

Total costs for one year: $32076

Information on Lakeview, OR

Population: 2,287 (2013)

Coordinates: 42.1889 N, 120.3458 W

Places of interest:

1. Abert Rim

Geographical wonder located 15 miles north of Lakeview. It is popular for birdwatching in the fall and hang gliding in the summer and spring.

2. Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

A popular destination in the spring, it covers 270,000 acres of high plateau, hot springs, and primitive campgrounds. It is home to mule deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, and hundreds of species of birds.

3. Warner Canyon Ski Area

Most visited in the winter, it offers runs for snowboarders and skiers and great skiing at modest prices.

4. Old Perpetual

One of the few regularly erupting geysers in the Pacific Northwest, it is located 2 miles north of Lakeview at Hunter's Hot Springs. The geyser was discovered during a well mining attempt in 1923.

5. Schminck Memorial Museum

Established in 1991, this museum holds the history of Lakeview throughout the years. Artifacts, marriage certificates, pictures, and more are displayed in this museum to educate the public on the rich history of the city that is Lakeview Oregon.

Information on Employer

Location of Headquarters

1220 S.W. 3rd Avenue

Portland, OR


Human Resources Contact Information

Gary Abeyta

Phone: (503) 808 6262

Fax: 000-000-0000

Email: gabeyta@blm.gov

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