Elliot North

By: Brittany Stair

Author's Version of Elliot

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What Elliot Looked Like to Me

Elliot's Personality


Elliot is helpful because she's always willing to lend and extra hand. "'...you've always helped everyone here.'" "...I will do everything I can to help...Your Friend, Elliot."


Elliot is loyal because she stands up for her Post and Reduced friends. "Reduced her friend may be, but not insensitive...'Stop it,'...These were her friends. Her true friends..."


Elliot is not afraid of anything. She is brave and confident, and won't let anyone get to her. "She would not give in...be brave...Elliot wasn't scared..."

Elliot's Packing List

Pencil and Notepad

Elliot would bring a pencil and a notebook so she could write letters to Kai about her adventures. Before every chapter, there is a conversation going on between Elliot and Kai via letter. "Dear Kai... Dear Elliot... Your Friend, Kai... Your Friend, Elliot..."

Her Special Wheat

Elliot would bring her wheat so she could keep experimenting and improving her work. She also would bring it so no one would accidentally stumble upon it while she was gone. Since she's a Luddite, it's very important that no one knows that she's trying to improve the way wheat is made. "It was her special wheat." "...had manipulated this wheat herself... doubted her Luddite ancestors...would accept her excuse...cheeks burning in humiliation...dim lights that hid her shame." "...daughter planted a crop of illegal wheat..."

Her Grandfathers Old Compass

Elliot would bring her grandfather's compass so she could fix it. She would also bring it because it reminded her of her grandfather. She would bring it because she loved the old compass. She'd use it to run away and go on vacation. "...my grandfather's compass..." "...in hope that she will someday make it work again." "He'd known she was always obsessed with his compass. He must have also known how she'd longed to use it to run away."