Photoshop Project

Independent Study

Smore by Eshaan Joshi

1. Topic Introduction

This project is an independent study on Adobe Photoshop. I learned a lot about Photoshop, what it is, and what I can do with it. Included in this presentation are pictures that I have created on my own.

2. How topic was chosen?

I have always been interested in Photoshop and that it can be used for designing so many things. I have always wanted to learn about it, and this project gave me my chance to research about it and create using Photoshop.

3. Why is this topic important to study?

Photoshop is a necessary tool to know when working in a media or a media-related class or for designing websites or even apps. For example, if I were building a webpage, the pictures that you would have to put onto the webpage would most likely require Photoshop to create.

4. Describe the resources used to learn about the topic.

The resources I used to complete this project include my Mac, the correct program (in this case Adobe Photoshop), and time. Everything requires time. Now, Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor that can be used to edit and change how the pictures look. For example, I used the color changer tool to change the normally black and white zebra head, into the now multicolored zebra head.

5. Describe the learning process of studying independently.

For the first few days of the project, I had to figure out how to get Photoshop on my Mac. Once I figured that out I played around with Photoshop to get a feel for it, what it does, and how it works. After I learned the basics, I proceeded with making the pictures, and after my first few pictures, I knew enough to do cool edits.

6. Next steps

I want to learn how designers use Photoshop to design very cool websites and iPhone applications. I want to use to Photoshop for my next project. There is so much more to learn.


This is a picture of an eye that has been edited around the pupil so that it is multicolored rather than white. This was done using the color replacement tool so that I did not lose the underlying texture of the eye.

Flower bed

This flower bed used to be all red roses, but with color replacement, is now 90% red, with a green, blue, and grey rose. This is done by quick selecting the roses that I want to change, and then using color replacement to change the colors with out erasing texture.

Multocolored Zebra head

This zebra head was originally black and white, but with the brush tool and the blur and smudge tool, I was able to overlap and blend colors together so that it looked like a Picasso painting over a zebra picture.

President Barack Obama

This is a picture of President Obama that has been transformed and warped at the corners to look like an origami. The corners are furled up to the center piece, or the head.

Grassy Landscape

The following picture was created using multiple brush tools; the leaf, autumn leaf, and the grass tools. By choosing a color darker than the background, the colors of the leafs and the grass stand out and go well with the background.