My Washington D.C Trip

We went to Washington D.C for a school trip

The 1st day

The first day we went to the Maine core museum. The things that we saw there were World War 2 artifacts. Also we got to see the Air force Memorial. The best part of the Marine core Museum was seeing the helicopters and the tanks. The helicopters were very cool because the guns on them were very big and look like they would cause a lot of damage. The tanks were slow but very deadly a lot of people were afraid of them.

The 2nd day

I can not really remember were we went.

The 3rd Day

We went to the Lincoln and Washington memorial. When we went to the Lincoln memorial we had a exhausting climb up 58 steps. The Washington Memorial was very big but we did not get to go up into it( I really wanted to go up it because I had never gone before ).

The 4th Day

I also do not remember what we did

The 5th Day

On the 5th day which was the last day we were in D.C we went to Mt. Vernon. Mt. Vernon was were George Washington lived and were he is berried.