Web Safetly

How to stay SAFE online!

How to create a strong password?

To stay safe online your password and information on line need to be secure,
with your passwords you have to make sure they are secure and it’s difficult for even your parent to guess it. A good tip would be to make it long with many characters, use number and nothing significant to you or your personality, or likes.

SNS-who to talk to!

It is very inprotant that you are aware of who you are talking to online. As many teenages and adults have got in to bad situations throught social networking sites. Also alot of bullying happens online this is called cyber bullying.

Anti-virus soft ware !

You should always make sure you have an anti-virus soft ware in place on your computer. In case of getting scamed with a virus, other wise knowen as SCARE WARE is a sort of emails, warnings… etc. were poeple are trying to scare you and get you off guard to any various. Or getting you to pay money or hand over inprotant details for false protection from virus'.

Could be you face! ^^^ (If this happened to you)