Dress Code

By:Maria Leon

Why go overboard?

Why do the teachers go overboard with dress code?? They are crazy they would they do that 3 finger rule really. It is just plain old weird it's not like someone is going to rape us. I am just saying. Why go to the nurses office at school to get a new shirt?? Just let the students wear what they want at least they are not naked.

Easy solution

I think that the student should check up with their parents before school even starts and say if it is okay to wear the clothes of their choice. If a teacher comes up to them and starts yelling then they hand them a note a parent made for them saying it is okay to wear it.

Chill out

Life is filled with joy why ruin the fun for the student. Let them wear what they want. Teachers CHILL OUT it's not you child, it's another person's child, and if they think it is a good idea let them. Hope my message was good for you teachers out there.