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BEA Speech team's first tourney

Blue Earth- Members of BEA speech team attended their first tournament on February 6, 2016 at Worthington High School in Worthington. At Worthington they placed 11th out of 21 different schools. The speech team also attended Mankato Loyola on February 13, and they placed 7th. There were 14 teams at Loyola’s tournament, and the BEA speech team had 10 people in attendance.

The coaches of the BEA speech team are Ms.Chrisman and Mrs. Ehlers. Most students attend practice twice a week to be seen individually by a coach. Some kids want to start the practices even earlier than the time they are supposed to, says Ehlers. Most people join speech because it is a unique way to get involved in performing to stand in front of a crowd, says coach Ehlers. There are 13 different categories in speech to choose from. These include great speeches, discussion and many more. There are just under 20 kids that are grades 7-12 on the team this year. They have weekly practices starting in December and meets start in February. The season ends mid April or at the end of April depending on how far students advance.

Officer Bullerman Visits with Students for RC Bashing not Bullying

By: Gavin B.

BLUE EARTH - Officer Bullerman has begun visiting BEA Middle School Morning Meeting groups for a program called R/C Bashing not Bullying. Bullerman says, He is visiting the MM groups in an effort to introduce himself and help him get to know a lot of the kids iIn hopes that the kids aren’t afraid to ask him any questions. This program is another way for him to communicate with the students talk about all kinds of issues including bullying and having some fun while doing so. He plans on visiting the MM groups twice this year. The first time he visits an MM, he talks to them and allows students and staff to ask him questions about himself and his job. The second time he visits, Officer Bullerman brings his RC trucks and allows kids to drive one of the trucks. Bullerman does not only meet with the middle school students for this program, he meet with all the grades K-7. He recently met with preschoolers in the multipurpose room and let them drive the trucks. Some students that may have some behavior issues might struggle with this activity, so if they have good behavior he will let them drive one of the trucks.

There are two different trucks that he uses the white one is a Arrma Fury Mega truck. The Arrma Fury truck is a RTR or a ready to run truck which means you unbox it charge the battery and it is ready to go. The second truck I use is a Pro-line Pro2 SC. This truck is black in color and striped to resemble his current squad car. The Pro2 is a kit build R/C truck which means it comes in numerous bags and needs to be assembled. This truck is more advanced and is harder to drive and build. None of the electronics comes with the car so they all have to be sent separately. He was also lucky enough to get a grant from the BEA School Foundation to help pay for a truck.

Bullerman feels that this program is a way for kids to feel more comfortable with law enforcement officers. He has been meeting the MM groups since FEbruary according to the schedule that works with each of the individual teachers.

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Battle of the Books

Battle of the Book Challengers -- DO NOT FORGET that the battle is set for Tuesday, March 15. Please be to the multi-purpose room by 3:30 sharp. There will be cookies and water available for a quick snack. Also, please remember to set up a ride home - we should be done around 4:30-5:00pm. See you then! Kylie R. and Marissa B. are the two winners of the battle of the books.

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