Mary Davidow, Smore Career Report

On the Job

A videographer is three different jobs rolled into one. There's directing, making sure the sound is good, and being an editor. It requires a lot of hard work and patience.

Educational Requirements

  1. Get a formal education; Go to a filmography college or take classes in a university
  2. Find which area you would enjoy; television, movies, weddings etc.
  3. Eventually develop a portfolio or demo reel to show to future employers

Personal Skills Needed

You need to be able to speak to people , Think things through critically in order to help the customer, you also need to multi task through your work.

Yearly Salary

A videographers normal yearly salary is between $49,021-$74,076. The median salary is $59,429.

Benefits of Videography

  • You get to see people watch and enjoy your video whether it was about them or if its a small skit
  • You are able to gain new knowledge everyday
  • You're able to see your work come to life once its all put together

Difficult Parts

  • People might not like your work
  • You could end up not liking your work and still having to put it out because of a deadline for the project

Future Jobs

Videography is expected to change and go up 11% by 2024. The demand for videos will change with people wanting to order online or through TV which may lead to the need for more editors and video work.
Videography Techniques : Camera Angles: Videography Tips

Promotion Opportunities

You are able to go from a small production company then all the way up to places like warner studios or universal studios. There's many advancement opportunities that you get to.

Highschool Courses to Take

You can take Multi-Media Courses or Cougar Broadcast. Those are the only courses that are offered at east.

Related Careers

  • Photography
  • Animator
  • Producer
  • Youtuber


  • University of Phoenix
  • Strayer University
  • California College of the Arts
  • Central Lakes College-Brainerd

Job Openings

  • Videographer-TPT Twin Cities Public Television
  • Multi-Media Strategist and Videographer - Digital Solutions
  • Documentation Specialist-Multivista

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This career would suit me in many ways. It meets most of my work values and it works with stuff that I like to do. I selected this because ive always liked filmography and photography and art which combines into videography.