lets see what its about!

What is the cause of disease??

This disease is caused by becterium vibrio cholerae and could be very deadly if untreated.Although deadly 75% of people do not have symptoms.

How is the disease transmitted??

The disease is transmitted through the cholera germ. It is easily caught by eating or drinking anything that has this contaminated germ (contaminated object).

What are symptoms of of the disease??

If you have this disease you will have a dry mouth, dry skin, excessive thirst, glassy eyes, lack of tears, low urine, nausea, rapid dehydration, rapid pulse, soft spots, unusual sleepiness, vomiting, and watery diarrhea, these can be mild to severe.

How is the disease treated??

If you have this disease you will have to have fluid inserted through you mouth of vein (IV). Antibiotics shortens the till you feel ill. Their is a vaccine for the disease but is not available is the USA.

Ways you can prevent yourself from getting the disease??

To prevent from getting the disease you should always be careful when eating and drinking water. Make sure food and water is clean.If untreated it can kill you in hours.

4 Interesting facts about Cholera

  1. Diarrhea smells fishy
  2. The disease is in Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America
  3. Flippo Pacini discovered it
  4. 2011 was the highest level of disease
Cholera Will Kill You - World's Deadliest Diseases