Copy Machines

Information Technology Department

Copier Use

In order to use the new copiers you will need to swipe your school ID badge or enter your network credentials at the copier.

To register your school ID badge for the first time, follow these instructions:

1). Swipe your ID badge over the card reader at the copier (a sticker will indicate the card reader location to the left of the main display panel);

2). When prompted, enter your network credentials (i.e. the same username and password you use to login to your work computer);

3). That's it! Your ID badge is now registered. Subsequent visits to the copier will only require you to swipe the ID badge.

An optional new feature will also be available called “FollowMePrint” which will enable staff to retrieve print jobs from any copier by selecting “FollowMePrint” as your printer choice and then swiping your ID badge at the copier to release the print job from any copier in the school.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I forgot my school ID badge, how can I make copies or use FollowMePrint?
    You can still use FollowMePrint by logging in with your username and password for the network using the copier touchscreen keyboard.

  2. I don’t know my username for the network, what is it?
    Your username is the same username you use to login to your PC each day, usernames are usually up to 10 characters starting with your last name then first name (e.g. John Smith would be smithjohn); if you are still unsure contact Helpdesk.

  3. I lost my ID badge and had a new one issued, do I need to re-register my card?
    Yes. Go to any copier, swipe your new card and then enter your network credentials (same username and password for computer).

  4. Can I retrieve a print job using FollowMePrint from any copier in the school?
    Yes! If your copier is offline or under repair you can use FollowMePrint to retrieve a print job on any other copier in the school.

  5. I need to print confidential information, should I use FollowMePrint?
    Yes! FollowMePrint works great for printing confidential information since the job will not begin printing until you reach the copier and swipe your card.

  6. I sent a job to FollowMePrint but forgot to go to a copier to retrieve it. Is it lost?
    Maybe. Print jobs sent to FollowMePrint will remain on the server for up to 72 hours; after 72 hours the job will self-delete. This will help reduced orphaned print jobs (i.e. jobs printed but not retrieved), thus saving paper and toner.

  7. Do I need to use FollowMePrint in order to print to a copier from my computer?
    No, if you simply want a print job to begin as soon as you click print from your computer, just select the copier directly from your printer choices instead of selecting FollowMePrint.

For all technical support needs, please contact IT Helpdesk or call x6636 option 2.