The Math Committee Work is About to Begin!!

Thank You for Volunteering!

I am so excited to be working with such a talented, dedicated and diverse team! We have representatives from every school and every grade level!!

Our goals are lofty and very important as we continue our efforts to effectively and efficiently implement The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics!

We have three main objectives as this task force comes together:

  • Review of state approved materials from various publishers
  • Begin collecting information and samples of the many varied websites, resources, materials, assessments, etc. that each school, grade level and teacher has been accessing throughout the year
  • Summer Task Force work will include evaluating the various resources & designing a cohesive scope and sequence that integrates the above resources and any newly adopted materials,including common assessments

I am confident with the team that has volunteered for this committee, we will be able to achieve our goals and truly create something that is helpful to our teachers and meaningful to our students!

I estimate that we will meet for:

  • One after school session (3/20/14 @ 3:30)
  • One full day to review state adopted materials (Tentatively 5/8/14)
  • One after school evening session to discuss adoption options & method of collection of model best practices and resources (Date: TBD 4:00-6:30-D\dinner provided & timesheets for extra hours)
  • One week of summer task force work-multiple grade level/school representation (you do not have to commit to the Summer Task Force Work to participate in the Committee; however, we are hoping that people from the committee will be a part of the summer task force)

Introductory Math Committee Meeting

Thursday, March 20th, 3:30-4:30pm

309 N Rios Ave

Solana Beach, CA

District Office-Board Room