NPS COVID Weekly Testing Update

October 22, 2021

NPS Weekly COVID Testing Update

Dear NPS Families,

Below is the testing schedule for October 25th. You will also find information on testing protocols and vaccination rates for Newton Public School students.

Thank you to all of our NPS families for your continued partnership in this testing program.


NPS COVID Testing Team

Testing Schedule - Week of October 25th

We are moving to weekly pooled testing for students in grades PreK- 6. Here is the link to the COVID testing schedule for the weeks of October 25th: October 25th Testing Schedule. You will also see a graphic of the schedule below.

In grades 7-12+, we continue to conduct symptomatic testing and the Test and Stay protocol for students and staff. The weekly pooled testing for grades 7-12+ remains on hold until staffing from state contractors is increased.

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District Data for COVID Cases and Vaccination

Information on districtwide COVID cases and vaccination rates can be found on the Newton Health and Human Services website here: NPS COVID Case Count and Vaccination Rates.

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What happens if a family learns that their student is a positive case on Friday or over the weekend?

If a student tests positive for COVID after dismissal on a Friday or over the weekend, please email your school nurse and your principal. The school nurse and principal will begin contact tracing on Monday morning to identify close contacts. The school nurse will follow up to advise families of next steps. Students who are close contacts and are eligible for the Test and Stay program will begin testing provided they have consent.

Updated Communication Protocol

As was the case last year, it is our commitment to be consistent and transparent with notifications of COVID cases in our school buildings. As we continue to respond to COVID scenarios, we have adjusted our communication protocols to be meaningful and informative. Moving forward, please note the changes outlined below:

  • Close contacts will continue to be notified by the school nurse and provided appropriate instructions.

  • Students in a class with a positive case will be notified following the identification of close contacts.

  • Principals will inform families of the number of cases in the school per week through either the weekly eblast/newsletter or a weekly email. This notification will take the place of the “all school” notification that was previously sent on the same day as the class notification.

To view all communication protocols, please see this document: NPS COVID Communication Protocol.

How to Participate in Testing Program

You may opt into the testing program at any time and we strongly encourage your student to participate. The consent form is found in Aspen. Here is the Aspen Login Link. Please follow these instructions for accessing and signing the consent form. If you need a paper consent form or a translated form, please contact your student’s school.

COVID Testing Information and Resources