Affirmative Action and Title IX

By Scott, Taylor, & Madison

Affirmative Action

  • Giving blacks the opportunity to get the chance to do things that they wouldn't usually be able to do
  • Over time it will help eliminate racial tensions
  • Compensates for what happened in the past


  • Unfair to whites of non minority
  • Reverse discrimination
  • It's not the most qualified people getting the opportunities they should
  • Minorities don't have to earn their opportunities

We all agree that Affirmative Action is not good because nothing can undo the wrongs of the past. It's just creating more tensions between blacks and whites.

Title IX


  • It's giving equality to boys and girls in academics and athletics
  • Gives boys the opportunity for guys to do girl sports (vise versa)
  • Gives more female involvement
  • Before Title IX 1 in 27 girls played varsity high school sports, and over 150,000 participated in intercollegiate sports-after it was 1 in 2.5 girls played on varsity

  • Takes funding away from male sports
  • Eliminates some men sports
  • It cost colleges extra money

We agree with Title IX because we think that boys and girls should have equality for academics and athletics. It makes men and women equal in college sports.