Man Ray

Photographer, sculptor, painter apart of Surrealism movement

Major Works and Accomplishments

  • Known for his sculpture "The Gift", it was one of his first pieces to be displayed in a gallery. It is two found objects put together, it is glued tacks to an iron.
  • Invented and used "Rayographs" which were photos made by manipulating objects on photosensitive paper.
  • Also known for his photography including "Violin d' Ingnes - featuring the bare back of his lover, he then made it look like a violin.
  • Was also a photographer for Vogue magazine in Paris

Life in Paris

Lived in Paris from 1921-1940, then again from 1951-1976.
While in Paris he became close friends with Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway, and there he painted portraits of the people he met.
Man Ray represented the surrealist movement in Paris and after leaving to avoid World War II he returned to continue with his art, which now included painting.
Paris was an inspiration for him and he died there.